17 Easy Ways How to make Him Worry about Losing You (FAST!)

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Make Him Worry about Losing You … FAST (and psychologically proven)!

  • Have you ever felt like you could “disappear” – and he wouldn’t even notice?
  • Do you feel like you are completely underappreciated?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to make him actually worry about the relationship? And even better – make him worry that he might be losing YOU?


Sounds familiar?

He was probably made to believe that you will stick around no matter what, so what is there to be afraid of?

You probably tolerated countless offenses that his abnormal behavior now seems acceptable, at least, in his eyes.


But here is the Deal:

It turns out you can dramatically increase his interest in you and your relationship by following these proven, insanely practical techniques (that ACTUALLY WORK)!

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I’ll show you the best (and updated) tips and tricks on How to make a Guy realize he losing you!

Always keep in mind that an open conversation with him about your feelings are preferred over infusing any kind of fear of loosing you, in him.

After all, you should always strive for a happy, healthy relationship for both, you and him.

So here we go:

    1. Remind him that Your Life was already full and rewarding even before You met him

    2. Quit being a nice Girl and Instantly get 100% of his Attention!

    3. Be firm with Your Words

    4. Stop being available at his Disposal and Make him Crave You like Crazy!

    5. Spend more Time alone with Your Friends

    6. Make Plans without him

    7. Reduce small talk when You’re home together

    8. Be less cuddly towards him

    9. State your Opinions honestly in a Disagreement

    10. Follow through with Your Goals

    11. Get a better paying Job

    12. Continue Your Education

    13. Travel alone

    14. Tell him about newly made Friends of Yours

    15. Discontinue Talk about Marriage and Kids

    16. Set up a Space for Yourself at Home

    17. Surprising Things Men worry about in Relationships


Note that the quickest way to a dysfunctional relationship is tolerating abuses and ignoring the set of standards brought by self-love that you once held high.

A toxic relationship is unhealthy because it doesn’t seem so bad at first; by the time you realize where you are, you are already in pretty deep.

Clinician and mental health writer, Kristen Fuller, believes that it’s important to recognize a toxic relationship (i.e. one where you are being physically or verbally abused) and to get out of it immediately.

The same hold true for a relationship where you have to repeatedly ask yourself why do men cheat and lie as you constantly feel your partner might be dishonest to you.

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So what does that actually mean?

Before your relationship goes down the hill, you need to establish or regain the balance of giving and taking.

While it’s impossible for all your needs to be met by a single person, the man you love must know how to treat you with love and respect at all times, and you should do the same to him.

A man who is afraid of losing you will not deliberately do things to hurt you. Sometimes you need to shake things up a bit to make it right.

You wonder how to make him realize your value?

Here’s to finding and maintaining the balance in your relationship.


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1. Remind him that Your Life was already full and rewarding even before You met him

By reminding, I don’t mean constant nagging that you had a better life with your ex once upon a time. It doesn’t have to be verbal, either. You just need to show him that you’re still the same interesting girl when he first met you.


Keep your friends, hobbies, and interests – do not lose that burning fire within you.

Your passion to achieve your goals and improve yourself is probably one of the things that attracted him to you. It’s a mistake to give up your unique self just to fit into someone’s life.


2. Quit being a nice Girl
and Instantly get 100% of his Attention!

There is nothing wrong about being a nice girl, but there’s a thin line that separates genuinely kind and agreeable people to a doormat. During the first few months in a new relationship, your head is in the clouds.

You want to do everything to make the man of your dreams happy, often at the expense of your own convenience and pleasure. This kind of behavior drives a man to be lazy.

Why is that so important?

If you work double-time to make the relationship work, he’s left with nothing else to do. It will soon backfire because he will most likely blame his shortcomings on you. He’ll whine about feeling “suffocated” when all you did was being a “nice” girlfriend.

So, quit cleaning his apartment every weekend. Stop cooking for him when you’re together. You are his partner, not his mother. Unless that’s what you want him to see in you.


The easy way: How to make a Guy realize he losing You!

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3. Be firm with Your Words

You still wonder how to make him worry about losing you? Be firm with your words! Before we enter a relationship, we are already armed with a set of standards – a list of what we can and cannot tolerate. These deal breakers are important. It’s a sign that you are looking after your well-being.

It means you are confident and you love yourself enough not to tolerate abuses or trespasses from other people. But somewhere along the way, we forget about these deal breakers or ignore them altogether for the sake of compromise.

The truth is:

Being forgiving is definitely not a bad trait, but there should be a limit to the number of “I’m sorry” you can accept.

If you tell your man you can never tolerate excessive drinking, but welcome him with open arms the next day he drops in your apartment with a bunch of flowers in hand – you’re sending him a signal that he can disregard your feelings anytime.

Stick with your standards and be firm with your words.


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4. Stop being available at his Disposal
and Make him Crave You like Crazy!

Again, you are neither his mother nor his therapist. You have your own life to worry about, own problems to deal with.


Though it’s equally important to share happy moments and lift each other up in challenging situations, you have no obligation to be available for him 24/7.

No matter how wonderful he is, he must know that you are not born to satisfy his every whim.


Once a man realizes that he can lose you if he doesn’t play it right, he’ll be the one to look for ways to satisfy you and keep you interested in the relationship, and you in turn won’t have to worry any longer about why men lose interest in relationships.


5. Spend more Time alone with Your Friends

Have dinner or drinks with your friends after work, or plan a spa day.

Let him know what you’re up to, but don’t let him try to change your plans. If he’s a keeper, he won’t try to do that, and tell you to have fun.

However, the more you do it, the more he’ll worry.

It’s easy: Be less available and show that him that your time is also wanted by others.

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6. Make Plans without him

Join a book club, attend a gallery opening or go see a show- and do it all without him!

Whenever he’s working, make plans for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.

He’ll realize you won’t stop living because of his unavailability, and it will give him something to think about.

It’s easy: Partake in your own interests, and live your life fully. Let him see that you don’t mind doing things on your own.


sleepless man in bed worrying about his relationship


7. Reduce small talk when You’re home together

Talk less, and let him start the conversations, especially if you’re the one normally starting to talk.

Let him figure out what to say and how to say it (if his words don’t fail him).

It’s easy: Be less talkative and he will develop a need to hear your voice. Sometimes less is more!

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8. Be less cuddly towards him

He’ll be surprised and definitely worry about losing you, if you suddenly become more distanced.

It’s time for him to get a taste of his medicine. If he normally doesn’t like cuddling, he’ll come around.

It’s easy: Act like you don’t need cuddles (at least temporarily), spread yourself on the couch, and let him come to you.


9. State your Opinions honestly in a Disagreement

Don’t back down during a fight or argument. It’s important for you to stand your own grounds and be o.k. with disagreeing.

He’ll respect you for it, and if he worries about losing you due to disagreements, let him think that for a while.

It’s easy: Stay true to your beliefs and don’t be shy or scared to disagree. Every relationship needs to have their differences.



10. Follow through with Your Goals

Despite of what he says or believe, follow through with your goals and aspirations.

Never let him interfere with any of your dreams, and pursue it even harder if he tries! He’ll see that you’re unstoppable.

It’s easy: Set goals first, and follow the steps accordingly. Stay ambitious and be confident about succeeding in front of him.


11. Get a better paying Job

If the chance arises, aim for a better paid job and show him what you’re capable of!

It might sound old-fashioned, but many men, sadly, still want to be the one earning more.

By you earning your financial independence, he’ll know that you can leave at any time, and won’t stay around for money reasons.

It’s easy: Work hard and be the best you can be at your job. It doesn’t matter where or as what, the reward will come eventually and you can show him how proud you are.

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12. Continue Your Education

Education is a main key for becoming aware of what you deserve, and what you don’t.

It opens your eyes to new horizons and he might think twice about doing something silly or not treating you the right way, if he realizes that you know what else is out there in the world.

And that’s exactly what education does for someone.

It’s easy: Take classes (even if it doesn’t lead to a higher degree) and keep learning. He’ll find your smart wits irresistible and will try harder not to lose you.


13. Travel alone

Take a break from it all, and tell him you need time to meditate and reflect, without anyone there.

He’ll worry a bit, for sure, but will give you the space you need, if he loves you.

It’s easy: Pack a bag, go away, and let him spend time alone. He will wonder what you have to reflect on!



14. Tell him about newly made Friends of Yours

Talk about the people in your life, especially new ones, and make him understand that you are sociable and capable of meeting new people.

This will worry him that you might meet someone better than him.

Its’ easy: Tell him about a newly made male friend and what’s so nice about him. He’ll nod his head, but guys never like to hear that!


15. Discontinue Talk about Marriage and Kids

If you did before, try to seem disinterested in those topics for a while, and don’t mention it. He’ll wonder what has changed!

Its’ easy: Don’t talk about kids and marriage! Pretend as if you never think about it anymore.


16. Set up a Space for Yourself at Home

If space allows, create a separate room or corner for yourself, and tell him about your need for privacy. He might ponder on that for a bit!

It’s easy: Distance yourself from him in a healthy way, and show him that you’re a strong, independent woman.  Give him reasons to miss you and he will!



17. Surprising Things Men worry about in Relationships

Let’s turn at looking closer at the psyche of a man, for a moment. Women in general are usually very surprised that men, at least most of them, are inherently insecure about their relationships, by default.

One of the biggest insecurities men carry when it comes to their relationships with women is closely related to losing their partner. Hence, men very often are very worried about not being an adequate partner for their woman, be it for reasons of lack of money, their appearance, or their sexual performance.

It is therefore not uncommon to see jealous behavior in men, not only as you may have expected in women.


But what does that mean?

A man is inherently wired in his DNA to provide for you and his family.

Men want to please you. The slightest reason why men might feel they do not measure up against any of his male pears then results in him worrying about you not being satisfied with your relationship.

Men then start to worry about losing women, they become insecure, controlling, and jealous.

Knowing now that men are as insecure as women are, when it comes to losing their partners in relationships, reflect on above-mentioned ways of potentially how to make him worry about losing you.

Then remind yourself that open communication about any problems you may see in your relationship should be the first, the preferred way to work towards a better relationship.

Many women who wonder how to be a better girlfriend therefore actually refrain from trying to amplify their partner’s concerns about losing her in the relationship.


Bottom line?

In any relationship, there comes a point when you feel less appreciated, taken for granted, or simply aren’t sure if he loves you the same way that you love him.

All of that is normal and perfectly o.k., but at the same time, it helps if you make him a little nervous and show him an alternative universe without you in it.

Make him worry a bit and show him that you can handle yourself, and don’t need him in your life in order to function as a human being.

It will get him thinking that you’re not just “there” all the time, but that he also has to make an effort to keep you by his side.


So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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