relationship advice for women is packed with great relationship advice for women on how to start, and grow, a happy and healthy relationship.

It is all about understanding men and about finding love, commitment, and happiness!

Relationship Advice for Women – Growing towards a Happy and Healthy Relationship!

In reality, only a tiny fraction of all married couples today would actually consider themselves ‘happy’ in their relationship.

In fact, research shows that almost half of all married women would seriously consider leaving their partner if they either, financially could, or they felt absolutely certain that a separation would not weigh heavily on their children.

Men tend to be a lot more reluctant in addressing topics related to their relationship and, in general, topics regarding matters involving trust, affection, and love.

This, of course, makes understanding men even more challenging for women.

Yet, research here also shows that only a small percentage of married men would consider themselves as feeling really appreciated, fulfilled and accepted for the way they are.

It is All about Understanding Men

Women and men alike need a more solid understanding of how their partners think and feel.

We all need to become more understanding of how we can make our relationships ‘work’, by constantly improving them in ways that are both effective and sustainable for both partners.

The Journey only Starts when You Find the ‘Right’ Guy!

The journey to a fulfilled relationship really only begins with you finding your ‘Mr. Right’. After that, it will be an ongoing process to keep him around while maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

Our website helps with today’s relationship challenges by offering relationship advice for women and providing answers to questions that we are being asked on an almost daily basis:

relationship advice for women - understanding men

• How can I find a great guy?

• Is there a way for me to ‘get him’ to commit?

• Can I get him back into my life, now that he has left?

• How can I make him really ‘fall’ for me?

• Is there a way to actually ‘save’ my marriage?

• Can you help me trust him again?

• What do men actually want from their relationships?

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