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Being irresistible to a guy isn't about playing games, manipulation, or forcing yourself to be someone you're not. It's not about what you wear or what you have, either. Instead, what really makes them turn their heads will surprise you!


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Have you ever wanted to ask out someone you know, or get a date with an attractive stranger? But just how to go about it? Check out our best tips right here ... from using pick-up lines to being genuine and showing your personality ... we show you how not to be shy but confident and relaxed.


HOW TO GO from GIRLFRIEND to ENGAGEMENT ... covert ways to get your guy excited about giving you that ring!

You are in a relationship, things are going great between him and you, and you are ready to take it to the next level but wonder how? Find out how men really feel about engagement and marriage and how to get any man excited about taking the next step!


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I was desperate. No matter how hard I tried, I felt I just didn't know how to get that great guy I was looking for.

"How to get a Man to love you" finally made me understand the right steps to hook up with him ... a fun and easy read, got me the boyfriend I always wanted!

Mary Crowe

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The book clearly lays out all the important steps to understand guys and men, what they like and what not, and how to get them really close to you.

I strongly recommend "How to get a Man to love you" to any girl or woman out there that wants a great, happy relationship!

Jennifer W​illiams

Registered Nurse


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