How to Get a Guy to notice You instantly – 7 Proven ways

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How to get a Guy to notice you, fast and lasting

You wonder how to get a guy to notice you? guy noticing woman in cafe imageHere is some good news: it honestly doesn’t take much for a guy to take notice of you, if you play your cards right.

Guys like visuals, which play a big part in him noticing you. Follow these 7 easy, proven to work steps, and you will get his attention, guaranteed:

      1. The 10% Investment Method to get a Guy to notice You

    1. Dress Timelessly

    2. Be Your own beautiful Self

    3. Keep Eye Contact

    4. Hang around His Neighborhood

    5. Let Him catch You alone

    6. Smell divine

    7. What Guys really notice about your Looks

1. The 10% Investment Method to get his Attention

Always remember the most important rule in understanding how to get a man’s attention: small, additional efforts go a long way, which is what the 10% investment method is referring to – sit next to him at a bar, ask him a question (which direction to walk in etc.), or compliment him on a clothing item or accessory that he’s wearing. Just little things that can lead to a conversation and the exchange of names and numbers!

2. Dress Timelessly

I can confirm from my own personal experience that guys don’t usually dig the latest fashion trends for women, and are more attracted to timeless clothing pieces, such as a little black dress, jeans and sneakers, or a skirt with boots, just to name a few classic examples. So dressing classy and timelessly is one of the most surefire ways to get his attention. Less colorful and accessorized, and the more he notices your simple, but still cool-looking style. This doesn’t mean you should change your wardrobe completely, but should serve as a suggestion on how to make him notice you more than he otherwise would, at least in most cases.

By the way, wearing a dress he’s really into is a good idea not only when trying to figure out how to get a guy to ask you out but also, down the road, when wondering how to make a guy really fall for you. There is simply no denial, the way you dress matters a lot to guys!

3. Be Your own beautiful Self

Wondering how to get his attention? It also always starts with the looks! Don’t necessarily plan for extra time in the bathroom, but do make an effort to look good- real good! Let your hair shine, put a little bit of make-up on to cover up any unevenness and accentuate your best facial feature, which could be your lips, eyes, cheeks etc.

Make it count for when you leave the house and make sure he sees you with it. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but we can do some things to highlight it and make it stand out more. He’ll notice, because how could he not?

The easy way: How to get his attention!

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4. Keep Eye Contact

I still need to say it, since in the 21st century humankind seems to be buried in their smart phones. The unfortunate truth is that people, due to that, often lack the ability to hold eye contact with someone, which is of utmost importance! He will see that you’re different if you look him in the eyes and can hold a gaze for a bit.

I don’t mean to say “stare at him”, but make sure that he knows you’re looking at him, that is a simple way of making sure he gets to notice you. Especially across a room, you can send him coy looks, look away, then look again… he’ll know what to do with it, if he’s interested in a chat with you. It shows him that you want to be talked to, and are approachable. Making and keeping eye contact with him can truly make you appear irresistible to men.

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5. Hang around His Neighborhood

Let me rephrase this: Don’t stalk him, but if you like seeing the guy, you’re probably already hanging around the same areas, anyway. So why not see if you can “accidentally” be at the same place, at the same time? Let’s say during lunch, you might bump into each other at the cafeteria, right?

He will see you more often and therefore become familiar with your face.  Does he like a specific bar that he hangs out at? Take a friend with you and grab a drink there. If you have mutual friends, you can ask them about his hangout spots and make a trip there once or twice, when you know he’s going to be there as well.  New environment, new shot at love!

6. Let Him catch You alone

Depending on which category you belong to, you might be more comfortable to always have someone by your side when going out or taking breaks at work or school. But this can be quite off-putting for guys, since they don’t want to meet your friend or even group of friends, but you.

If you want him to notice you more, you need to give him an opportunity to catch you alone. Whether it’s reading a book during your break, making notes of some sorts, or drawing something, he will love finding you alone. This allows him to talk to you privately, and at the same time provides him with an easy conservation starter on what you’re doing or reading.
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Check out this Video on How to get How to get his Attention right away!

7. Smell divine

Ultimately, maybe the best way for a guy to notice you is your smell, hoping that you’ll be in near enough proximity to him.  A great smell causes guys to go nuts over! He will be more than intrigued to find out what that smell is and where it’s coming from! With this alone you’ll get a big portion of his attention.

The choice of smell is yours, of course! But don’t let it be too strong, and don’t make the mistake of overusing it. A light scent of a body cream or perfume will do just fine. It is a stereotype, but it is also true: your looks and the way you present yourself, the way you dress up, and also what perfume you wear, are definitely on the top list of items to keep in mind when wondering how to get a guy to notice you.

8. What Guys really notice about your Looks

There are a few things guys usually notice right away about a girl. When trying to get his attention, it can come in very handy to know what he is focused on. Here are the top three things guys notice the first about a girl, so pay attention to them!

  • Your Smile

This one does not come at a surprise. A winning smile can be, well, winning! So make sure the guy of your interest sees your most beautiful smile. It conveys confidence and shows him that you are glad to see him; both work as perfect icebreakers and make you look approachable to him.

  • Your Eyes

Close to 70% of all men asked, mention that the eyes of a woman is something they notice first. This might actually be hard-wired into their DNA; psychologists agree that our eyes can share a lot about our personality. What does that mean for you? Make sure to emphasize your eyes, accordingly by putting on some nice eye-makeup!

  • Your overall Attitude and Confidence

Maybe this one comes at a surprise to some of you girls out there, but a positive, energetic attitude that is carried by a lot of confidence is the sexiest thing out there to guys. That is great news, as it does not require anything on your behalf that would take time or cost you money. So how to get a guy to notice you? Simply put on a confident smile, carry yourself assertively, and show a good, positive attitude!

So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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