How to make a Man Love you – Scientifically proven!

how to make a man love you

How to make a Man love you – Understanding the Science of Attraction

Finding a great guy is already tough. But how to make a man love you, to “fall for you” is even more difficult to be answered. This statement couldn’t be more true. Just ask the thousands of women who are tired of being in a relationship that is one-sided – always feeling like they are the only ones who love and care.

how to make a man love you

Luckily, there are a number of things a women can do to make sure they are showered with constant love, desire and attention.

For this to happen to you with the man of your dreams, we will in this article:

  • Identify the secrets behind the science of attraction and then use them to make a man fall for you passionately
  • Provide tips that will help you get pass the dating stage while allowing you to enjoy the company of a man for years to come.

Enough said, let us get to the serious stuff. So, what’s the secret formula to grabbing the attention and heart of your man? Below is an easy guide that will uncover the formula on how to make a man love you.

  1. Secret Formula One: Get Emotionally In-Tune

  2. Increasing your Chances of connecting emotionally: remember the following Key- Do’s and Don’ts

  3. Secret Formula Two: Establish Yourself as a valuable Asset

1. Secret Formula One: Get Emotionally In-Tune

If you ever want your man to feel deep, intense, almost addictive love for you, then you better connect with him emotionally. For a man to yearn for a lasting, committed relationship with a woman he needs to feel an intense form of appeal known as emotional attraction.

Most women don’t understand this: they will dress sexy, cook great meals, logically thinking that this will convince their man to love them. But … this won’t work! Shift your mentality by focusing on the most important element of the puzzle, which is … emotion!

All this explains why….

  • You’ll see a woman who can make a guy go crazy for her. She knows absolutely perfectly how to make a guy like her. The guy will do absolutely anything to please her, including the most dumbest and embarrassing things.
  • On the hand, there is this woman who always does everything right and yet she’s never able to get the love and attention of her man.

What’s the major difference between these two women? The first one understands and implements the critical concept of becoming emotionally in-tune with a man. In the end, she’s able to make any man literally dance to her tunes.

The second one is totally clueless – she believes that working hard to please her man is the key to making him fall harder. Wrong move! The only thing that this does is make him think he’s got a perfect domestic partner – someone to take care of his dirty laundry.

2. Increasing your Chances of connecting emotionally: remember the following Key- Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: Enjoy every moment with your partner. Men are naturally drawn to women who are fully present in the moment. They tend to dislike ladies who think about the next date, the next month or the coming future. Stop thinking of how many babies you want or may possibly have in the coming five years and enjoy what you have with him right now.
  • Don’t: Pester him on why he isn’t connecting with you emotionally. This will only turn him off.
  • Do: Try and show some interest in what he does. This will make it easier for him to open up to you and share his most deepest concerns.
  • Don’t: Talk to him about shallow things like your favorite character from “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or your friends’ Instagram page. There’s only so much female junk that a man can keep up with.
  • Don’t: Threaten to leave the relationship just to get your own way or get attention from your partner.
  • Do: Learn to express remorse when you’re wrong.
  • Don’t: Use sex as a means of building connection, instead let it be an expression of the already present connection.

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3. Secret Formula Two: Establish Yourself as a valuable Asset

Let us start out with a fact that many of us ignore: men are born hunters, they have the hunter instinct embedded deeply within their subconscious minds. This instinct can only be awakened when a woman presents herself as a special prize to be won.

While acting on this instinct, a man will chase you as hard as humanly possible. And when he gets you, he’ll feel absolutely lucky to have you around. Doing so is actually one of the best ways to make a guy fall in love with you.

How do You establish Yourself as a valuable Asset?

  • First and foremost, you need to portray competence, independence and capability. Avoid being or even appearing to be feeble and fragile, this is highly unattractive. Let your man understand that you’re able to support yourself by demonstrating confidence and willingness to tackle any problem.
  • Cultivate your intuitive side by refining your reasoning skills. In addition, you should portray open mindedness, show ability in making brilliant connections and present a receptive sense to the feelings of others.
  • Adhere to Dr. Fanelli’s law of attraction: find your own happiness first. Rather than exerting your efforts on trying to lure him and answering how to make a man love you, focus on making yourself happy and comfortable. According to Dr. Fanelli, an expert in love and relationship matters, focusing first on your happiness is a highly attractive trait.
  • Keep yourself youthful, feminine and attractive. This will bring out the competitive side of him. Men are particularly keen when they see their partners being desired by other men. Just the possibility of another guy eying you will make him appreciate you more. After all, he’s the lucky dog that gets to take you home.

How to make a Man love you – Final Thoughts on emotional Connections and Friendship

With those simple-to-follow tips, you no longer have to worry about how to get him to love you. These steps are even viable steps in getting a man to marry you at some point. All you need to do is to cultivate a deep emotional connection with your man and establish yourself as a valuable asset. Follow these two simple steps and watch him fall for you truly, madly and deeply.

One final tip: please work on building your friendship. Research shows that friendship is the best foundation of a perfect relationship. So, if you’re still wondering how to make a man love you then focus on being this man’s friend first. There’s nothing that beats the power of friendship.

It might be important to note that if a man doesn’t like you, there are others who probably would. Be yourself and never risk your values for his sake. If you focus on truly being happy, you’ll find a man who likes you for who you are.

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