17 Powerful Ways How to make your Man Happy (Proven Formula)

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How to Make your Man Happy … FAST (and guaranteed to work)!

  • I think You’ll agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to figure out what exactly a man wants in his relationship.
  • Do you sometimes feel like he is not happy at all, but might be actually unsatisfied in his relationship with you? Maybe he even VERBALIZES that?
  • You want to be the PERFECT WOMAN FOR YOUR MAN but you just can’t figure out what your man really wants from you and how to make your man happy?


Sounds familiar?

Men are relatively easy creatures when it comes to making them happy. image how to make your husband happy - man holding his wife

Sometimes it appears that all it would take is food, sex, and an understanding partner.

But then you realize – he might not be happy at all!


But here is the Deal:

You can actually very easily get everything there is to know on how to make your man happy by following these proven, insanely practical techniques (that ACTUALLY WORK)!

What it really boils down to is to know what makes and keeps him happy in the long run.

Follow our suggestions below and you’ll be off to a great start to make him a very happy man in his relationship with you!


So here we go:

    1. The Way to the Heart is through the Stomach

    2. Acceptance

    3. How to make any Husband feel Happy? Sex!

    4. Give him Space

    5. Activity of his Choice

    6. Stand by your Man

    7. Show Gratitude

    8. Make him Coffee in the Morning

    9. Want his Attention? Surprise him with a new Look of Yours!

    10. Be creative and spontaneous

    11. Gift him a Weekend Trip with his Buddies

    12. Have his Babies

    13. Encourage Him

    14. Let him pick the Movie

    15. Send the Kids away, or go away yourself

    16. Work outside the Home

    17. Set him up with a Man Cave

    18. Conclusion on How to make your Man Happy

    19. Why some Men are ’emotionally unavailable’

    20. Understand that he Loves you


1. The Way to the Heart is through the Stomach

As the saying goes! One way to ensure your man’s happy is cooking him his favorite dish.

Pay attention to what he likes to eat, and if necessary, learn to cook a few of his favorite dishes. Then surprise him with a home-cooked meal, and have the beer and wine ready!

Here is the best, though:

… as a finishing touch, the dessert could be you! He will love you endlessly for your innovative thinking!



2. Acceptance

Nothing makes him happier than a girlfriend or wife who can accept him the way he is, with all his faults and shortcomings.

Nagging at things you can’t and shouldn’t change about him won’t get you anywhere, but acknowledging his faults and accepting them for what they are, are a golden ticket to a man’s heart.

It’s easy: Accept him for what he is and the faults he, as a human, has. Refrain from nagging as much as possible. Instead, pick your battles.


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3. How to make your Husband Happy? SEX!

You ask any man how to make your husband happy, you will get one answer for sure. Sex! And lots of it, if you can!

Well, let’s say regularly anyway. That might actually be one of the best relationship advice for women out there.


How can you actually use this?

Don’t let a week or longer go by without having some form of physical contact.

We need to remember that men are, and always will be, sexual beings, and hopefully so are you.

It’s a simple recipe for a road paved with success! Sex will make him happy in almost any situation.

And while at it, give him something to see: Don’t be shy and leave the lights on. Men love visuals (why do you think they love porn so much?).

Explore new horizons with each other, wear sexy lingerie, look him in the eyes…and don’t forget to be confident and playful in the process. He will thank you for it!

The take-away from this point here is that sex truly is an important part for him. On the flip-side, not taking care of this aspect of your relationship is one of the big reasons why men pull away from women.

It’s easy: You can even plan for for having sex, if you have to, but try to engage in it at least once a week. It could be a Saturday special!


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4. Give him Space

Just as you like having yours, you should give him alone-time and space to himself.

Do you enjoy your weekly yoga or monthly girl’s night out, without having him around?

If that is the case, then be sure that he will do, too!


Look, here is the deal:

Don’t be mad if he makes plans without you on occasion. Just let him be, and give him the time he needs. Apply the same at home, if space allows.

If you have a reading nook that you don’t like to share then give him one too!

It could be an office, a comfy chair in the living room, or an area where he can play a sport (or watch it, for that matter), or follow his hobby.

Of course if he starts hibernating in the man-cave you allow him in your house, it’s time for a wake-up call.

But otherwise, it won’t be harmful and a rather positive adjustment for both of you.


woman showing how to make your man happy infographic


5. Activity of his Choice

I can’t stress this enough, but one of the most important rules to making him happy is to do something with him that he likes, even if you don’t!


And even more so, try to have fun with it. Nobody wants to hang out with a party-pooper, instead make the best of the situation, despite you not being into it.

He likes dart? Play a few rounds with him!

Take him to a football game, attend a rodeo, organize a paintball event with his friends, go to comedy club, or watch a movie of his choice.

It’s easy: Do whatever floats his boat and be cool about it! Now, I’m not suggesting to do it all the time, but do it often enough that he notices it, and knows to appreciate it.

[Check out these great ideas of fun things to do with your boyfriend!]



6. Stand by your Man

It’s one thing to disagree with your man privately, but when it comes to public outings, always back up your man, and never take someone else’s side, unless you’re morally obligated to do so.

Stand by your man in your marriage. Support him, be by his side, and be graceful at it. Do so and he will feel stronger than ever with you as his partner!



7. Show Gratitude

One of the biggest points in how to make him happy is to show gratitude.


This one is important:

You don’t have to fall on your knees to show it, but be aware of the effect compliments have on him. Tell him he’s a great guy and that you’re happy to be with him.

Thus, silence is not the answer, but communication and sincere appreciation certainly is.

It’s easy: Thank him for all the lovely things he does (be specific), and how he treats you. Whatever you’re grateful for, just tell him.

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8. Make him Coffee in the Morning

It’s a very small gesture, but can go a long way. If he’s a tea drinker, make him tea in the morning, and set it out for him. Ideally add some breakfast to it, and he’ll be overjoyed at your efforts to think about him in such a loving way.

It’s easy: Prepare his favorite drink in the morning, maybe fry some bacon and eggs, and wake him gently to the smell of it all!


9. Want his Attention? Surprise him with a new Look of Yours!

Who would have thought, but men are visual creatures! He will love seeing a new look on you, whether it’s a new hair style, or new clothes that compliment your figure.  If he’s paying attention, he’ll notice the change and compliment you for it.

It’s easy: Go to the hairdresser, and find a nice outfit to get dressed up in. Add some make-up, and take him on an unforgettable date.


10. Be creative and spontaneous

I’m sure he won’t expect it, but being spontaneous and creative are key elements to keeping a relationship alive. Think of a fun activity for the weekend, and just get up and go. Kiss him when he least expects it, or make a sneaky move in the bedroom.

It’s easy: Think outside of the box, and let your ideas take you to new places. Try to experience life with him fully, by being in the moment.


image of smiling man being surprised


11. Gift him a Weekend Trip with his Buddies

Trust is essential, and if you trust your man, then there’s no harm done in getting him and his buddies together for a weekend excursion without the ladies. Plan it for his birthday, let’s say, and surprise him with it. The added bonus: You get a lazy weekend by yourself!

It’s easy: Call his best friends, arrange a date, and take care of the logistics. It doesn’t have to be Vegas, but pick a spot where they can have a good time together.


12. Have his Babies

That is, if you’ve talked about it, and decided to want a family.

It’s a life-changing experience to become a parent and will make him incredibly happy, once that little baby is born.

However, only if you want to have kids and you guys agree, of course. If that’s case, the news of your pregnancy, or your wish to conceive, will thrill him beyond words.

It’s easy: Talk it out, and start the baby-making process!

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13. Encourage Him

Stroke his ego whenever he needs it, but also be his cheerleader for life. Offer him emotional support and constant encouragement for his undertakings, whether it’s personal or professional. He will feel as if he could conquer the world with your support.

It’s easy: Say what he needs to hear, cheer him on, and have a positive attitude in your approach.



14. Let him pick the Movie

It’s such a simple request, but often times the lady is the one picking out every movie the couple watches together.

Unfortunately, your kind of movie might not always be his kind of movie…So you have to compromise. Especially if you have regular movie nights, you can make him very happy by letting him pick the movie.

It’s easy: Alternate on who can pick the movie. That way he gets a turn all the time, and can introduce you to his favorite types of movies, while he also respectfully endures your choices.


If you don’t do anything else, consider this one:

15. Send the Kids away, or go away yourself

If you already have kids, then send them to a relatives’ house for a day or weekend!

That way you have some alone time to catch up on, and he will thank you for it.

Even better: Escape daily life, and go away on a romantic trip, instead of staying at home. Relight the flames and treat it as your second honeymoon, whether you have kids or not.

It’s easy: Make the necessary arrangements, call the grandparents, and explain to them why this is important. It’s best to do this when you have a wedding anniversary coming up. He will love the freedom!

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16. Work outside the Home

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then that’s wonderful. It’s a tough job to do, but unfortunately, the job is also unpaid, which is why you would make him very happy by being able to contribute some income to the household. It’s less pressure on him and more money for the family.

It’s easy: When the kids are old enough, get a part-time job, or try to work from home in some capacity, and make your own money. He’ll be happy to see it in your guys’ bank account, and the extra opportunities it allows the family to partake in (bigger vacations, higher education for the kids etc.).


17. Set him up with a Man Cave

Oh boy, he’ll be in for a treat! It’s different for every man, but whatever his interests are, incorporate them into his man cave and surprise him with it. He’ll know that you understand him, and it will make him joyful to have his own space in the house.

It’s easy: Figure out a place, and make it his! Understand his desire to have alone time and that it’s perfectly normal.



Bottom line?

18. Conclusion on How to make your Man Happy

Making a man feel happy is really not that hard, after all. Follow above rules and you will be way on your way.

Remember that it is often the little things that will catch his attention. Hence, you do not have to go overboard as far as applying every single idea and tip we shared with you, above.

Instead, it might mean already a lot to him to show him gratitude here and there, or engage in the activity of his choice every other weekend, if that is something you usually would not have done in the past.

Also remember that genuinely caring and being affectionate is key for any healthy relationship and will certainly also help to make your man feel happy and appreciated in his relationship with you.

Making your man happy is a task for the everyday life.

Sometimes it might be the small things that cheer him up, such as bringing him a cup of coffee to his chair, and other times you might have to take out the big weapons in order to make him happy, like buying him tickets to go see his favorite sports team.

Whatever it is, get to know your man and his wants, and aim to make him the happiest guy on the planet!

Obviously, and this should go without saying, he’ll have to do the same in return to deserve your love, efforts, and unlimited amount of attention.

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But how about the “Emotionally unavailable” man?

19. Why some Men are ‘emotionally unavailable’

It happens very often: women are dating men and are flat out fascinated with the way he looks, acts, and makes her feel great about herself.

Yet, down the road, unfortunately also very often after they end up getting married to each other, women realize that her partner is, or has become, what is commonly described as “emotionally unavailable”.

It is easy to feel rejected when not being able to get close to the person you love.

Men tend by nature to be much more limited and restricted in sharing their emotions, than women. Read this article here on ideas what to talk about with a guy to get him more engaged with you.

A great way to communicate with a man can also be through text messaging, as this allows him to have more personal space to feel comfortable.

For example, here are some great ideas for some texts to make him smile and feel good about the both of you.


smiling man sharing his happyness about his partner


20. Understand that he Loves you

Often, men see being emotional as a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, society supports this superficial view and classification of how men “should be” or “should behave” as a stereotype.

On top of that, the sexual revolution of women has changed the classical understanding of the different roles both women and men have historically taken in their relationships.

Men historically were asked to be the strong, the persevering partner.

Now we ask them to change and emotionally open up to us, we ask them to make themselves vulnerable by sharing their concerns, fears, their hopes and desires. This is simply a situation men are often not very comfortable with.

Remember that understanding how to make him happy is important for having a healthy relationship; yet, it will not necessarily make your man more emotionally available to you.

Do not take this the wrong way; being emotionally unavailable might have – in his mind – absolutely nothing to do with him being truly in love with you and deeply caring for you.


So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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