Texts to Make him Smile – 6 Quick Texts for big Smiles

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Great Texts to make him Smile instantly

In the 21st century, love letters have been mostly replaced by instant text messages and expressive emojis, which can have a powerful impact on the other person.woman thinking what texts to make him smile can she send

If you want to make your guy smile, check out below list of cute and funny “text topics”, which you can use to have him wrapped around your little finger, immediately!

They are great texts for various occasions to make sure the both of you stay connected and he always carries a smile on his face, thinking about your last text to him. You wonder how to keep a man interested? Send him a quick text to make him smile!

    1. Follow ups

    2. Checking in

    3. In close Proximity

    4. In good Company

    5. Sweet message for him from afar

    6. Favors with some added Spice

    7. Why Smiling is good for You!

He will think of you in more ways than one, while reading them!

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1. Follow ups

These texts to make him smile are a great way to follow up on a date night and are also a great way to figure out in case you wonder “does he care about me” after an intimate night together.

Follow up with something simple and short, such as:

  • Hey, had a great time last night 😉
  • Wanna repeat what we did last night (wink, wink)?
  • I think we should repeat what we did last night…

Another really sweet text for him would be:

  • You were the first person I thought of this morning… Not a bad start to a wonderful day 🙂

2. Checking in

These are perfect texts to make him smile when you’re already in a relationship and just want to make him think of you at some point during the day.

Let him know your motives. Here are some classics that never go out of style and that are great if you wonder how to make your boyfriend love you more:

  • Feel like a date night tonight? You might get lucky…Feeling loose!
  • God, I love you! Felt like saying it right this moment.
  • You’re the bacon to my eggs 🙂
  • My mind wanders…hard to concentrate! (send a sexy picture of him with it) – or one of you, if you’d prefer that!

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3. In close Proximity

If he’s sitting somewhere in the apartment, close to you, and you know he’s playing with his phone, send him a text! The last person he’d expect it to be from would be you, since you’re right there with him.

In most cases this text will lead to some sexy time as him receiving a sexy text from you completely unprepared is one of the biggest turn ons for guys. So be prepared and in the mood for it, when you send the text.

  • Can’t keep my eyes off of you, handsome…
  • Wanna play (wink, wink)?
  • There’s no one I’d rather be sitting on the couch with 😉
  • I’m hungry for something sweet….any ideas?

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4. In good Company

When you’re together and out with friends or family, and he has access to his phone, send him a text or two throughout.

Again, he won’t expect it and it will make him smile!

  • Wow, I’m intrigued (great way to be sarcastic, if someone is telling a boring story!)
  • Can’t wait to go home with you later – I’m a lucky girl!
  • Your family is amazing; I love them already (nice for the first meeting of the parents etc.)
  • I love having you with me tonight so much!
  • Who’s this handsome guy sitting next to me?

5. Sweet message for him from afar

One of the most important times for text messaging is when you’re apart for some time, and can’t see each other due to long-distance living arrangements or traveling overseas.

In particular when being in a long-distance relationship, it is crucial to stay connected. Texts are a fast and easy way to do so.

This is the time to shine and tell him how much you miss him!

  • Counting the days until we’re back together…
  • Bought some lingerie for you to tear apart when you come back…
  • Miss you like a lost puppy!
  • Being apart makes me realize how much I miss seeing your face when I wake up.
  • Wanna know what I’m doing with my hands right now?

6. Favors with some added Spice

After being together for some time, it’s natural to ask for the occasional favors, such as “can you pick up some milk on the way home?” or “can you clean the bathroom on your day off, please?”

Also, asking for favors is not a “bad” thing – quite the opposite: research shows that asking for favors can help building stronger relationships. Remember though, that there are different ways of phrasing the question you want to ask.

My suggestion is to add some flirtation into it, and ask nicely. If he has already done something nice for you, let him know it didn’t go unnoticed, and send a cute thank you text as well. Here are some flirtatious and cute texts to send your boyfriend:

  • We’re out of ice cream babe, could you get some? I might let you lick it off of me…
  • Big kiss from me, if you can handle the living room cleaning this weekend 🙂
  • Thank you for picking up my dry cleaning today! Those sex points get higher and higher by the day…
  • Wow, you’re a rock-star babe, thank you!

7. Why Smiling is good for You!

After having looked at some really sweet text for him that will brighten his day, let’s look at why it is such a great thing to smile and make others smile, anyways.

  • Smiling is healthy through and through

Smiling reduces stress and lowers your heart rate. By relaxing your entire body, your heart rate can be dramatically lowered. As a result, the risk for high blood pressure and subsequent heart disease can be reduced.

Further, smiling releases endorphins, which work to fight stress hormones. That is, because smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that work toward fighting off stress. Therefore, smiling can work to actively reduce stress.

However, the release of endorphins not only fights stress hormones. The serotonin release also serves as an anti-depressant and hence positively affects your mood. Lastly, the endorphins also act as 100% natural pain killers!

  • Smiling positively affects those around You!

There is a psychological backup to the saying that ‘smiling is contagious’. In fact, multiple research studies have shown that the vast majority of people perceive a smiling person to be more joyful, even more successful, and on the other hand to be less angry and fearful.

Overall, a person smiling is perceived in a way more positive light than a person that is not smiling. As a result, people simply like to be around other people who smile.

  • How to instantly Smile more often

Note that your brain does not know the difference between a real smile and a ‘fake’ smile. So if you feel somewhat unhappy or even sad, simply ‘fake’ a smile for a minute or two. You will notice an instant change in your mood, try it!

Apart from that, simply try to engage in positive, fun activities. Watch a funny show, and surround yourself with positive, fun-loving people. And … don’t forget to send him these texts to make him smile, every now and then!

So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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