What makes a Man fall in Love – 5 Tips to get him hooked!

what makes a man fall in love

What makes a Man fall in Love?!

Most of time, it’s all about timing. You’ve met at the right time, and he’s looking for someone exactly like you and you live happily ever after. But sure you know some women, an acquaintance, a friend of a friend, who just happen to attract men easily. Being beautiful can spell the difference, but it’s not all there is to it. In fact, I’ve seen so many average looking girls in college, who have pretty boys following them like dogs. So then – what makes a man fall in love, you wonder.

what makes a man fall in loveThere are certain qualities a woman may possess that make a man interested, and enough for them to fall in love.

You think you don’t have these qualities? Don’t fret. Each man is different, and you’ll never know the specific qualities that will make them fall in love with you.

If you’re honest and true to yourself, with a dash of confidence, you’re good to go. You won’t probably attract every man you want, but you will attract the right man. Here are our top five aspects you should work on in order to up your chances, significantly.

  1. Be the Exception

  2. Share your Interests and your Goals

  3. Be observant and thoughtful

  4. Show him your Humanity

  5. Don’t show him that you’re all his

1. Be the Exception

You wonder what makes a man fall in love? Be the exception is a big one! I remember this boy I met online. It was when Yahoo messenger was still a thing. Our usual, casual chat became interesting when I started talking about my favorite video games (mostly hack & slash and shooter games), which he also liked.

When he realized I also have some knowledge about computers and other techie stuff (he didn’t know my ex was an IT), he became even more interested in talking to me. He even invited me out on a date. He said I don’t look like someone who likes such boring stuff.

The moral of my little rendezvous is that in order to pique a man’s interest, show him your uniqueness. Don’t give him what he expects. Sometimes the things you find weird about yourself, mean a lot to another person. When you’re someone who doesn’t just follow the crowd blindly, it will impress him.

2. Share your Interests and your Goals

There’s something profoundly wonderful in seeing someone talk about things he or she is passionate about. Men love women who strive to get somewhere or gain something. It can be in the form of hobbies, ambitions or world-changing dreams – he wants to know that you’re someone who has varied interests and that you are committed in reaching your goals.

When there’s a lot going on in your life, and you enjoy what you do – when you’re not someone who only focuses on looking for a potential mate – to a man’s eyes, you are more interesting and much more attractive that way.

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3. Be observant and thoughtful

Men like it when you pay attention, especially if you pay attention to them. Treat them with an honest compliment or two. Do it in front of others, and you will light their hearts on fire. Mention something unique about them, things other people don’t usually notice and he will find you endearing. Spending good times together creates good memories, and he will always associate these feel good vibes with you.

Give him simple, personalized things that show him you remembered him. It can be a note or a small meaningful gift – what’s important is that he knows you also think of him.


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4. Show him your Humanity

You know the saying, kindness trumps everything? Humanity is not just about being human. It can be many things, and it depends on what you believe in. And it’s also something we extend on other non-human creatures like animals and the environment. It means caring for other people and empowering them. It’s helping those who are in need whether they can repay you or not. If your values coincide with these things, then it’s only natural for a man to fall in love with you.

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5. Don’t show him that you’re all his

It’s not as simple as playing hard to get, men don’t want that. What men want are women who have a life. It means you’re not someone who’d just go off with the fist guy who comes knocking because you’re busy doing your own thing. You like this guy, I get it, but while you’re savoring the time you have with him, don’t forget that your life and your happiness should come first.

So if you want to make sure you understand what makes a man fall in love, then don’t change your plans for him. And don’t be too available. You don’t want to be the kind of woman who waits desperately for a phone call, and answers every text the minute it arrives. By showing him that you’re completely his, without even analyzing if he’s worth it, you’re sending off a signal that you’re just desperate for a relationship.

Don’t let answering the question of what makes a man fall in love with you take over your life. Instead, focus on yourself and fill your life with things that you enjoy doing and goals that you want to accomplish. Spend time with friends and create new experiences. Ultimately, any sane, confident man is doing the same thing, so why shouldn’t you?

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