How to keep a Man interested – for a lasting Relationship

how to keep a man interested

How To Keep A Man Interested

Do you wonder how to keep a man interested? Whether you already ‘have’ the man of your dreams on your side or you’re attempting to become closer to this guy, there are many way to keep a man interested. If serious relationship is your goal, a stronger foundation is generally necessary to foster a happy and healthy relationship. Don’t be too upfront in showing that you need a boyfriend, just keep a mental note of your goal and create a committed mindset.

how to keep a man interestedIf you’re already a couple and you hope to make the love lasts, you can learn from others.

Successful couples aren’t born overnight. It’s the fruit of constant effort, unwavering patience, trust and mutual respect. Some people are just so compatible that they click no matter the odds. For the rest of us, it may entail some hard work. Follow these five rules and you will be well on your way to keep him into your relationship.

  1. Never stop being curious about each other

  2. Keep old Baggage in the Trash

  3. Don’t let him be responsible for your Happiness

  4. Have a healthy sexual Relationship

  5. Treat him as your Partner and your Equal

Keeping your man interested and keeping your man happy is not a guarantee that he will not stray, but it can deepen the bond you have and hopefully, will make him value your relationship that he will not do anything that will ruin it.

Creating a happy, fun and loving environment, where you both respect each other and protect each other’s well-being is important for your relationship to grow strong. To get there and ultimately in order to understand how to keep a man interested, continue reading the tips below.

1. Never stop being curious about each other

Attraction stops when mystery fades. Sad but true. If your relationship is just based on attraction, expect it to fizzle out once you’ve grown familiar with each other. Although effective communication is important, it will also be beneficial to keep some things to yourself. It’s not synonymous to being dishonest or keeping secrets that will hurt the relationship. It means not spilling everything about you in one go.

Get him interested in discovering you. It’s like undressing slowly – it builds anticipation. Every time he discovers little bits of interesting information about you, the more he’ll crave to know more. Simply put, don’t lay all your cards down.

Being somewhat closed-up an keeping a few secrets to yourself is usually also a great little trick when it comes to how to make him worry about losing you.

2. Keep old Baggage in the Trash

A very important advice to follow when learning how to keep a man interested is to not let the past dictate your future. If you’ve dated a player before and you’re scared the next guy might turn out to be just like him, it’s not fair to you and your man.

A lot of relationships turn sour because we are so hung up with the past. If the old ghosts from your past are still haunting you, you shouldn’t have started a new relationship in the first place. Seek professional help if you can’t still move on from a failed relationship.

Don’t compare him to your past boyfriends and don’t throw baseless suspicions just because of your instincts. A man won’t be interested to commit to a woman who is just half-there. Give the relationship the full attention it deserves. Of course, be mindful of possible red flags, but don’t create problems that aren’t there.

3. Don’t let him be responsible for your Happiness

If you keep a little space between you, where you can both grow individually, you are showing him that  your happiness is not dependent of him. The relationship will not feel burdensome and he will look at you as a woman who is in control of herself.
A man wants to work hard to get something, but he doesn’t want it to just be pure hard work. In the long run, it will make him question if you are worth it. By showing him that you are responsible for your own happiness, the more he would want for you to need him.
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4. Have a healthy sexual Relationship

If you are both not into this, just skip to the next tip. If you’re still reading, you probably understand that sex is an important part of a romantic relationship. A great sexual life is not based on the frequency, but on the quality of the intimacy. Doing the act when you both want it is the key. Don’t pay attention to couples who constantly brag about ‘doing it’ three or more times a day.

It can be once a week or once a month, as long as it’s a wonderful experience you both enjoy and look forward to. Be open and talk about each other’s needs in bed. Show him that you’re willing to know about his fantasies and don’t be shy to tell him yours.

5. Treat him as your Partner and your Equal

Men desire women who love and appreciate them. One of the easiest ways of learning how to keep a man interested is therefore to show him that he can rely on you. Listen to his problems without judgment. Offer to pay for your dinner date or have your share of the bill. Surprise him with tickets of his favorite game. These small gestures will make him feel that you are invested in the relationship and that you’re in it for the long haul.

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