Things To Do With Your Boyfriend – 25 Fun Activities

things to do with your boyfriend

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Not sure what things to do with your boyfriend? Look no further! There are so many fun things to try with your favorite guy – if you have the time. If you are both busy, workaholic individuals, always try to assign at least one day a week or even a few hours to do simple activities together.

things to do with your boyfriend

It is über-important to spend quality time with your boyfriend, so seize the day and don’t let a minute go to waste.

The curated list below is composed of fun and simple couple activities that won’t break the bank, so you can’t use the “no money” excuse.

1. Give him a Massage

This is one of the top things to do with your boyfriend. It can be so powerful to actually make a man fall in love with you as it will make him feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

2. Play Video Games

Make it more challenging – the loser will get to pay for dinner.

3. Movie Night or TV Show Marathon

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things or the latest HBO flick – Westworld – be a couch potato together, this time without the guilt.

a list of fun to-do items for couples

4. Couple Workout

Motivation is the hardest part of getting fit. Nothing can motivate you more effectively than knowing you get to spend the day with your man.

5. Scrap Booking

He probably won’t like it and that’s understandable. So, make it more fun and unconventional. Try digital scrap booking; include a lot of selfies and couple photos, à la Instagram. Add animations and videos if you’re into that.

6. Cook Dinner Together

Number six on our list of things to do with your boyfriend is real “food for the soul” because you both put time and effort into making it.

7. Have a fun Photo Shoot

Play dress-up like you’re going to attend a cosplay. You can ask a friend who’s into photography, or do it yourself using a tripod. Borrow some gear, or any digital camera will do.

8. Do Body Painting

It’s sensual, fun, artistic and exciting; he’ll definitely like it!

9. Read a book and discuss it

If he’s not a book reader then try comic books. Make a book club for two. Coffee or tea is a great accompaniment.

10. Home Makeover

It can be your house or his if you’re not living together. You’ll form a bond and will even get to save money that way.

11. Hike in the Wild

Of course follow safety precautions. Always give your destination to your trusted family or friends before leaving.

12. Star Gazing

It’s a good sideline activity for number 11 from this list. Stars are more visible away from city lights. But you can also use a home telescope and stay on the rooftop.

13. Get a free or cheap Tarot Reading

You’ll never know until you try. It can be fun and unusual, just keep an open mind. There are websites offering free online reading, make fun of the results. I know you will.

14. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset together

This never gets old. Aside from being romantic, you’ll appreciate the beauty of nature even more.

15. Snowball Fights

For a little adrenaline rush. If it’s not winter, then any ball game would do.

16. Watch a Game together

It’s good if you like watching sports. If you don’t like sports, a little sacrifice won’t hurt. Watch and cheer for his favorite team.

video presentation on exciting stuff to do with your boyfriend

Watch this free presentation on making him go absolutely crazy for you just by the right choice of words!

17. Play the Best Food Hunt

Think of a meal or delicacy, say, cheesecake and then look for restaurants that offer cheesecake; agree on who serves the best version. Of course, it could take months before you reach a conclusion.

18. Take a Hot Bath Together

With candlelight, wine or champagne. It’s up to you what happens next.

19. Create a “Couple” Bucket List

List the things you want to do and places you want to visit together. Make a pact to follow through on the list.

20. Play a Sexy Game like Striptease Poker

Any card or board game will do. Wear your sexy lingerie.

21. Enroll in a Language Course

This will help if you’re doing number 19 from our list, and you plan on traveling to foreign countries. Learn Spanish and immerse yourself in the culture when you visit this country.

22. Volunteer

This is my favorite thing. You strengthen your relationship by helping other people.

23. Teach each other Something

There are probably skills you’re good at that you can share with your boyfriend. Like how to make a blog, how to prepare cool drinks, how to organize your home, and a lot more.

24. Make a Playlist for each other

Create a playlist of your favorite songs, include guilty pleasures. Ask him to do the same, then exchange playlist.

25. Watch YouTube Videos of funny Animals all Day

You can never stop at one video, believe me, I’ve tried.

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