What to Talk about with a Guy – 7 Great, Easy Topics

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What to Talk about with a Guy – 7 great Topics

Most of us have probably at some point experienced the feeling of not knowing what to say, what things to talk about with a guy. Have no fear- you’re not alone with this! woman talking to guy about things to talk about with a guy

Talking to a guy you like is different than talking to your girlfriend, boss or co-worker. It’s supposed to be the start of something beyond friendship, so therefore the first conversations are crucial.

Below list of easy to start topics and ideas of things to talk about with a boy. It will give you plenty of material to work with and will leave the guy wanting more!

    1. Bringing out your inner Child

    2. Talking Sports – one of the favorite Topics to talk about with a Guy!

    3. Quoting Movies

    4. Ask for His Hobbies

    5. Approaching Food

    6. Let’s talk about Sex, Baby…

    7. What to talk about with a Guy? Show him Your “funny Girl”!

    8. What do Guys talk about with each other?

All of these topics are perfectly fine to chat about.

However, depending on whether you’ve known the guy for a while or not, you may want to hold off on #6 ‘Let’s talk about Sex, Baby…’, unless you feel both you and him would be comfortable talking about this topic.

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1. Bringing out the inner Child

Men are big kids at heart and will love it, if you’re being silly and talk about things they themselves might have liked as a kid, or still do. These could involve topics such as racing, paintball birthday parties, or enjoying to go to an adult trampoline park where age doesn’t matter!

He will appreciate your free spirit and be intrigued with this other side of yours. Many times this will spark a more profound interest in you than he could have imagined before.

If you can think of a funny story associated with any silly or typical guy stuff-topic, tell him! He’ll be glad to hear it.

2. Talking Sports – one of the favorite Topics to talk about with a Guy!

This comes to no one’s surprise, but men enjoy a good chat about sports! You don’t have to know a whole lot about it, as long as you ask for his favorite team and tell him some of the things you know.

This already will break the ice, as he sees that you’re invested in learning more about him. If he likes you, he’ll be happy to explain his sport in further detail, if needed, and introduce you into his fascinating world of sports!

3. Quoting Movies

Well, let’s just start with an exchange of favorite movies, and then go from there, shall we?

Guys usually love movies and shows, so both are great topics to talk about with a guy and anything even remotely related to these topics (like actors / actresses etc.) will be a great conversation starter.

On top of that, if you hit it off with him, keep in mind that going to the movies is one of the favorite things to do with your boyfriend!

If you’re a movie buff yourself, then perfect! Quote a famous movie or two, and make him laugh! Note that you will probably receive extra points if you’re into superhero movies, Star Wars, or really, action movies in general!

Hot Topics to Talk about with a Guy!

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4. Ask for His Hobbies

One of the great things to talk about with a boy are his hobbies.

Everyone has at least one hobby, so find out what’s his and let him talk his head off about it! We all care about what others think of us and want to be liked; guys are no exception to this! He’ll be happy to find open ears and a person interested in what he likes.

You don’t have to share his passion for it, the main thing is that you’re attentive, listen, and aren’t too shy about telling him about your own hobbies as well (regardless of how embarrassing or unusual they might seem to you!).

He’s going to find you just the more unique for it.

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5. Approaching Food

Men love women who eat well, and know their way around food! Nothing is sexier than a healthy appetite and a deep love for food!

I can’t force you to have this love for it, but hopefully you already have it anyway! Tell him all about your favorite dishes, to-go-to restaurants, and if you like to cook. It will be the beginning of an intense exchange, guaranteed!

On top of that, in case you wonder how to get a guy to ask you out – talking about food and restaurants is a great segue for him to ask you out for a casual dinner, down the road!

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6. Let’s talk about Sex, Baby…

Is it really this easy? The answer is: Yes, it is! Talking sex is stimulating across every age group, ethnicity, educational background, or origin.

It’s a universal topic that attracts men, and it is on top of the favorite list of things to talk about with a guy. Period. I would suggest not to lead with the topic SEX, but eventually to move towards it. It can even be during a first date, if the timing and connection between you is right.

This being said, don’t talk details right away, but rather generalize it, at least in the beginning. The mentioning of sex alone can turn up the heat in the room, and his reaction to you bringing this topic up can also be one of the safest signs he likes you more than a friend!

7. What to talk about with a Guy? – Show him Your “funny Girl”

Don’t try to be funny, but just be your natural, funny self! Humor is key when talking to a guy, especially someone who you’re into, and are trying to impress.

Find a common ground and figure out what his humor is like and what he personally finds funny. You can use this to draw him into a humorous story, make a joke, or be flirtatious- sometimes even all at once!

Men like to laugh just as much as women, so don’t hide your humor when it’s most needed.

8. What do Guys talk about with each other?

Ever wondered what guys talk about on their ‘boy’s night out’? Having a little insight into their favorite topics can definitely help understanding men and understand better how men tick.

That, in turn, makes it easier for you to relate to a guy when trying to strike up a conversation with him.

  • It basically revolves around three Things

Well, while girls like to think of themselves as engaging in deep, meaningful conversations with their BFFs (which may or may not be entirely true), men are much more simple when it comes to the topics of their conversations.

Essentially, during a guy-o-guy conversation, some guys spends on average 75% or more time talking about one or more of the following three topics: sport, sex, drinking.

There are the occasional other topics that usually are somewhat related to ‘things that happened in Vegas’ that guys do not get tired of mentioning that they are supposed to stay in Vegas.

However, for the most part, even those topics related to certain experiences in Vegas, are closely related to the three topics mentioned before. Sport, sex, and partying or drinking.

  • Men prefer simple Topics – so keep it Simple!

What can you take away from above when it comes to figuring out what to talk about with a guy? Well, essentially, keep it simple! If you want him to get and stay engaged in the conversation you are having with him, keep it to simple topics like , well, sports!

Things to talk about with a guy do not have to be limited to above mentioned three topics, but definitely do not jump around too much during a conversation or else he might lose interest, quickly.

So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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