Signs he Likes You more than a Friend – Top 10 real Signs

man gives flowers to woman signs he likes you more than a friend

Signs he likes you more than a Friend – Psychologically proven

Ever wondered if Roger from the office might have a little crush on you, or thought your long-time friend Michael might fancy you as more than just as a friend? giving her flowers to show he likes her more than a friend

Well, here’s your guide to find out!

Male friends are great to have, but there are signs which indicate they want more than just a friendship with you.

Watch out for the following key signs he likes you more than a friend, to find out.

Remember that it is usually not one single sign that necessarily gives a strong indication how much he cares for you. Instead, below signs are meant to be seen together – the more of these indicators are present, the more likely it is he does in fact care about you a lot more than “only” as his friend.

    1. He remembers Details

    2. Calling you frequently

    3. He notices Changes in your Appearance

    4. Body Language – strong Signs he wants to be more than Friends

    5. Doing Favors for you

    6. Making Fun of you

    7. He makes sure you get Home safe

    8. He introduces you to his Friends and Family

    9. Can Men and Women really be just ‘good Friends’?

Him introducing you to his friends and maybe even his family is brave and certainly shows he secretly likes you as more than just a friend! But let’s not jump ahead. Let’s look at all of these signs in more detail. A combination of several of them is usually a very strong indicator he likes you more than a friend.

1. He remembers Details

Men are forgetful, so if you notice him remembering a whole bunch of details about you, it might be time to look at him from a different angle.

He’s remembering, because he’s interested and he wants to subconsciously impress you with his attention to detail!

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2. Calling you frequently

Men are no natural talkers, so if he actually picks up the phone to call you, it’s a pretty good indicator that he’s into you. If he asks you a lot of questions, especially personal ones about your dating life, you’ve got another sign!

Does he just call or text you to say ‘hi’? The friend-zone is getting thinner by the minute!

3. He notices Changes in your Appearance

Does he comment on your hairstyle or a new dress you’re wearing? How many men can you think of who actually care to notice those things? Only the ones that are truly interested in you, I bet!

Does he maybe even use those situations to compliment you? Again, he uses every chance he can get to score points with you and make you see how great of a catch he is!

Does he like me more than a friend, you ask? Needless to say, if you wonder how to get a boyfriend, remember that your appearance does matter a lot to him! And him noticing changes in your appearance is one of the strongest signs he secretly likes you more than a friend.

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4. Body Language – strong Signs he wants to be more than Friends

One of the key elements of flirting lies in someone’s body language and how he acts around you.

If he tries to stay close to you, likes to touch you lightly whenever the chance arises, and is always choosing to spend time with you alone over being with others in your group of friends, then it might be time for a talk! Holding eye contact is another strong indicator, which is hard to ignore.

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infographic showing major indicators a man is interested in a woman more than a friend

5. Doing Favors for you

If you see him sprinting to get you the gift you’ve talked about for months, helps you with your move into a new apartment, or picks you up at the airport at 1am in the morning, you can be sure that he’s not just doing it to be a good friend, but because he has feelings for you.

At the same time, it is psychologically proven that asking for smaller favors can actually attract the person you ask the favor from, to you. So one way how to make a guy like you is to ask him to do you a few small favors, every now and then.

6. Making Fun of you

Yes, we’re back into child’s games! It’s so obvious, but trust me, men never grow out of teasing a person they’re attracted to. It starts in Kindergarten and remains solidly with them throughout their adulthood!

Of course not if it’s cruel teasing, but anything funny and lighthearted is welcomed as another flirting technique and one of the strongest signs he secretly likes you more than a friend. You have to give him credit for trying!

7. He makes sure you get Home safe

Another big sign is if he always wants to take you home, no matter what.

You can try to persuade him otherwise, offer to take a cab, or even be in company of a friend, he will still, most likely, try anything in his power to get the privilege of taking you home directly to your front door.

Also, this way he gets extra time with you, and can prolong the goodbye saying. In addition, he might hope for a kiss, if it feel right! Keep these things in mind when he insists on taking you home. If you only want him as a friend, then this might be a good time to signal him just that.

8. He introduces you to his Friends and Family

This is a pretty big move when you’re in a relationship with someone, but even more so if he does it as a friend only! There is really no need to wonder how to understand men if he makes an effort to get you acquainted with his other friends and family.

In such case, he’s trying to check out the scene. He wants to see how people will react to you, and if they like you just as much as he does! It doesn’t get more clear than that!

9. Can Men and Women really be just ‘good Friends’?

Above signs he likes you more than a friend will help you to figure out just where exactly he stands with his feelings towards you and if he might be interested in becoming more than ‘just friends’ with you.

However, what if that is something you are not sure you actually aspire, at least not at this point?

Would you rather simply stay good friends with him without taking your friendship to a different level? Are you worried that doing so may only add complications and could, as it happens so many times, end up destroying a good friendship you currently have?

There are many who argue that it is impossible for men and women to stay ‘only’ good friends. Eventually, so they say, feelings get in the middle and then the path goes either towards a committed and sexual relationship, or men and women end up losing their friendship altogether.

Let’s look at some of the key aspects how to successfully manage for men and women to remain friends – if that is what they chose to do.

  • Communication is Key

Understanding that men are highly rational, while women tend to be more on the emotional side, it is absolutely crucial for both men and women to communicate frequently and effectively with each other, if men and women want to remain friends.

Very often, both have different expectations of their future relationship, which needs to be communicated clearly.

  • Understand that Men and Women are different

Evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar, at Oxford University, concluded that when it comes to friendship, women tend to be a lot more committed than men are.

While men often also have a handful friend, they do not look at them as something vital to their social well-being. Women in turn tend to look at their girlfriends as soul mates, as something close to their own family.

Understanding this different point of departure, women need to make sure they have their expectations straight when it comes to attempting a women-man friendship outside a relationship.

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  • Remind yourself to Play by the Rules

The day will come when you and your “friend” hang out together again, maybe only the two of you, maybe in your favorite group.

When you had one drink too many, remind yourself that up until this point you were always convinced that NOT having an intimate relationship with the male-friend of yours was the smarter, the better choice.

So for now, stick to that plan; when the next day arrived and you should still think your male-friend is cute, there is still plenty of time to re-think the relationship you had so far with him.

You can then see if you want to take the friendship with him to a different level. And in order to gauge his level of interest in you, simply go by above discussed signs he likes you more than a friend.

So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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