Turn Ons for Guys! The Top 7 to Turn Him on Immediately!

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The biggest Turn ons for Guys – guaranteed to work!

If we would write down all the things that turn guys on, we would never be finished writing! And still, there are some things that stand out more than others, so which ones are worth knowing?

If you want to make sure that your guy is going wild for you, read on and remember the following top list of what turns men on:

    1. The #1 of Turn ons for Guys: A Woman’s Love for her own Body

    2. Roughing it out on Occasion

    3. Receiving a suggestive Text at Work

    4. Being listened to and keeping Eye Contact

    5. The Classic in How to turn a Man on – Lace, Leather and Everything in between

    6. Striptease

    7. Initiating Intimacy

    8. The 3 biggest Turn offs for Guys in Bed

These are some key elements for a guy to be turned on instantly and he will thank you for it!

Remember that mixing a few of those together over the course of a day will amplify the result and make him go absolutely crazy for you! Some of these, especially also #6 and #7 are even great in case you wonder how to make a guy fall in love with you.

1.The #1 of Turn ons for Guys: A Woman’s Love for her own Body

There is a reason why a woman’s confidence about her own body made it to number 1 on our list. This is a tool that will come in handy in every situation, but if a man sees that you like and accept your own body, he’ll love it even more!

Confidence and being able to be comfortable in your own skin is a major turn-on for men. Most importantly, it is a big turn on for men in the bedroom!

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2. Roughing it out on Occasion

Every once in a while, he would surely like to see the little devil in you! If you tend to be more on the softer and sensitive side, then it will surprise, and at the same time, turn him on to see you take charge and be rough with him.

Biting, throwing yourself against him, kissing him passionately while grabbing his hair etc… Find your definition of rough and wild, and go for it!

3. Receiving a suggestive Text at Work

After that text, he will associate work with something way more pleasant than passing boring hours behind a desk, billing hours, or analyzing data!

Ideally, his mind will wander and he will build up some energy for you later! So if you want to give him something to think about for the day, send him a “wink wink” emoji with a sexy message (maybe even a picture of you looking innocently) and let him sit on that for the day. It will have the desired effect!

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4. Being listened to and keeping Eye Contact

A girl who knows how to listen is a silent turn-on for guys. Ever wondered why? Because listening means paying attention, and keeping your focus only on him, which is what men naturally desire from their partners.

The eye contact is only the cherry on the cake, but nonetheless, shouldn’t be overlooked. Below we will also find “listening” as one of the major thing of what turns men on.

Take that to the next level by also flicking your hair, keeping eye contact, playing with your necklace etc… whatever might add an extra sense of spice into the mixture!

five points that turn a man on in a relationship

5. The Classic in How to turn a Man on – Lace, Leather and Everything in between

This is an oldie but goodie: how about some nice, new lingerie to set the mood? Men love eye candy and despite of what they might say (better save the money, you’ll only wear it for less than 30 seconds etc.), they LOVE lingerie!

They will not come right out and say it, most likely, so it’s up to you to know his taste and surprise him with it after dark. Take your time in the bathroom, shower, put some lotion on, and come out dressed in a sexy costume or lingerie – he’ll get the message immediately.

Lace is a great choice and makes every piece of clothing look sexier, but depending on your man, he might also like a dominatrix-look, or cotton, neon-colored underwear (however, the last one would be the exception to the rule!).

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6. Striptease

This would be the next step, if you’re comfortable with it. Instead of him unpacking you, why not unpack yourself in front of him? Do it slowly and seductively, just the way he’d like to watch you get undressed.

You don’t have to put on a full show, but if you’d like, you could incorporate a chair or some sexy background music.

No perfection needed for this, because he’ll eat out of your hands after showing him your moves!

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7. Initiating Intimacy

In many cases, men still feel that they’re the ones initiating sex more often than their partners. However, they’re pleasantly surprised when you’re the one grabbing him and showing him that you can’t control yourself!

This can build up throughout the evening, or be sudden, depending on your own mood. Let him know you still want him and plan enough time for it! Being intimate can be one of the favorite things to do with your boyfriend if both of you are into it!

8. The 3 biggest Turn offs for Guys in Bed

Now that we had a closer look at some of the major ways how to turn him on and what you should do in order to get the man of your choice excited, let’s check out some of the biggest mistakes girls make in the bedroom that can result in an instant turn off for any guy.

  • She is completely inexperienced

Girls, we all have room for improvement, so don’t sweat it. But make sure that you have at least some experience, even if it is founded on having self-experienced your body with the help of a mirror or having read-up on a good book about how to please a man in bed, sexually.

The biggest turn off for men is if a woman is completely clueless as to what is going on in bed.

So make sure you know at least some of the most sensible and erogenous zones of a man (they vary greatly from guy to guy, what matters is that you at least know where to start experimenting).

  • She is 100% passive in Bed

Let’s face it, nowadays men want not only the immediate feedback from a woman in bed that she enjoys the situation and actions he is putting on, but also expects her to be somewhat active for his own pleasure.

There is little more turning off for a guy than a woman flatly laying down on the bed and ‘starfishing’, while expecting him to do all the ‘work’ (which, in actuality should not be work for him or her, anyways).

So get involved, get active, be initiative, make it a give-and-take game. Receive and give for the joy of both of you!

  • She is performing an Act on Stage

… or at least, that is how he will feel when a girl screams her heart out and pretends to be in heaven even when he hasn’t really started the action, yet. While men do watch porn, most of them are also very much aware that porn performances are usually pretty far from actuality and real life.

Be excited and let yourself go, but please keep it real!

So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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