Love Graphics and Relationship Infographics – Top 7 List

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Love Graphics and Relationship Infographics – Our Top 7 List

Good love graphics and relationship info-graphics are a beautiful way to explain all kinds of things related to love and relationships in simplified, easy to understand ways. While it is virtually impossible to evaluate or even examine all the info-graphics available nowadays on this topic, we comprised some of the most appealing and useful love graphics / infographics for you.

We believe they are all fantastic peaces of art with a high degree of information conveyed, and give a good idea of the wide variety of information that can be conveyed with the use of infographics on the topic of relationships and love.

  1. What is The Ultimate Commitment?

  2. The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

  3. Did Dating Die With The Millennials?

  4. What’s Your Relationship Status?

  5. The Science of Love

  6. Why Long Distance Relationship Can Work

  7. The Cost of Love

The graphics are listed in no particular order, we believe they are all simply fantastic, so … Enjoy!
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1. What is The Ultimate Commitment?

Site/Link: Science of Relationships

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About: A research conducted by the Loving Lab and explores the 7 displays of commitment according to engaged and recently married individuals.

Even though the desire to get married has declined for the new generation, it’s still viewed as the expression of ultimate commitment. Learn about the six others that got included in the list.

love graphic commitment_between_men_and_women


2. The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

Site/Link: Happify

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About: There is really no secret to a happy relationship. It’s a case to case basis, isn’t it? But, according to the Happify team, science can, at least, explain how to make relationships work and how any couples can enjoy a life together.

Sweet. Spend at least 5 hours or more each week talking or just being with each other. That’s one tip from below Happify love graphic / relationship infographic.

relationship graphic science_between_a_happy_marriage_graphic


3. Love Graphics – Did Dating Die With The Millennials?

Site/Link: Free Dating

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About: Finding romance has changed over the generations. It seems like dating has almost died since the advent of social media and the rise of the millennials.

Is the dating trend really far from what it used to be? Find out through this relationship infographic, created by the folks from



4. What’s Your Relationship Status?

Site/Link: Shea Strauss (We Love Dates)

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About: Your new relationship keeps you going in circles? You are confused about where you stand in this relationship, but you are reluctant to ask?

It’s still best to get the answer from the person in question, but if you just don’t have the guts, this hilarious infographic will help you analyze your current relationship status. Prepare some tissues.

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relationship graphic_what_is_the_status_of_your_relationship


5. The Science of Love

Site/Link: My Breast

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About: The team behind created this interesting info-graphic that explains the science behind falling in love, including what’s going on in our brains and our bodies during the process.

This cute – looking love graphics / relationship info-graphic is based on the premise that certain chemicals and hormones in the body guide us through the different stages of love, according to this info-graphic.

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love graphics image with love scientific statements


6. Why Long Distance Relationship Can Work

Site/Link: Chris Martin (Love My Brit)

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About: If you’re in a long-distance relationship or thinking of getting into one, this love info-graphic is for you. There’s a lot of online posts out there on the world wide web as to why this kind of relationship doesn’t work, so it’s refreshing to see a different take on the subject.

The information here was based strictly on statistics. You can keep your hopes high.



7. The Cost of Love 

Site/Link: Retail Me Not

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About: Retail Me Not’s infographic explores the true ‘cost’ of love. It shows what couples are willing to spend on dates and Valentines day gifts, as well as who should really pay on first dates. The answers may surprise you.

love graphics calculate costs associated with relationships

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