Does He care about Me? 7 Secret Signs tell immediately!

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Does he Care about me? 7 proven Ways to find out immediately!

One of the most challenging things to figure out, when you start dating someone, is if he really cares about you.

women sitting next to men wondering does he care about meHaven’t we all asked that question at some point? Yes, in the beginning of a relationship it is usually all sunshine, but at some point we do wonder how much the new guy on our side actually cares about us and about the relationship we have with him now.

There are some fairly clear signals that will ease your mind. So next time you’re feeling unsure, watch out whether he says or does one (or better, many) of the following, and you can be almost certain that he truly does care about you as a person and as his partner.

    1. He says “We”

    2. He does care about You if he makes Room for You!

    3. A Man cares if he listens to You, attentively

    4. A man cares about you if he showers You with Affection

    5. He bonds with Your Family and Friends

    6. He surprises You

    7. A guy cares for you if he wants to make Amends

    8. Signs he cares deeply about you … he asks for Your Opinion and Advice

    9. Surprising Facts: What Men really don’t care about!

With these in mind, you’ll have the answer to your question very quickly!

1. He says “We”

Saying “we” is a big step for a guy, especially if he says it in front of others! It signifies his commitment to you and that he sees the two of you as one unit together. This can be a simple “we love cats” or “we love Italian food” – hey, if you both do, why not say it like that? – or involve future plans, such as vacations or upcoming weekends. Either way, him using the word “we” or “us”, rather than “me”, is a good sign that he cares!

Some psychologist actually go so far, they claim the mere use of the word “we” instead of “I” can tremendously improve any relationship. So if you in turn wonder how to be a better girlfriend and make your guy happy, feel free to make use of this little word “we” as well!

2. He does care about You if he makes Room for You!

You can tell that he cares about you when he changes his schedule at times or re-arranges his living habits for you. He is then consciously making an effort to make time and room for you, which is a pretty big deal in any guy’s book. It means that life stopped revolving only around him, and another person became important enough to be considered as part of his inner circle.

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3. A Man cares if he listens to You, attentively

At times, as you may have noticed at some points in the past, men lose focus and stop listening. Yet, when he truly cares, he will listen, even if you’re repeating yourself! He will be polite, respectful, and not interrupt your train of thoughts, instead of talking about himself all the time.

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4. A man cares about you if he showers You with Affection

If he suddenly enjoys more cuddling, hugging, kissing, or giving spontaneous neck massages, then you’re clearly having an effect on him! Does he make you tea in the morning? Does he say I love you regularly?

All those are great signs! It needs to be obvious that he cares about you, and showing you affection, as well as being verbal about it, are some major signs that he does. Of course, you want to be sure that his expression of affection and his compliments are actually sincere!

5. He bonds with your Family and Friends

Does he sweet-talk your parents, or have hang-out sessions with your siblings? Then you don’t have to wonder whether he cares about you, too much. His actions are a strong indicator that he’s trying to bond with the ones you’re closest to and that’s usually a sign that he cares a big deal about you!

He wants to make sure that he’s accepted into the family and seen as a potential new member, and therefore establish a healthy relationship with everyone. This also includes your friends! If he’s willing to join you and your friends for dinner or a night out, then he wants to get to know them better and find a common denominator to bond over, for the future.

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6. He surprises You

No need to wonder whether he cares about you when he constantly tries surprising you, because no one surprises a person they don’t care about! Does he plan a surprise birthday party for you or decides to take you to Venice during your next holidays, unexpectedly? Then he’s a keeper!

He pays attention, and wants to make sure you’re happy. He spends time thinking about you and what nice things he could do for you. This can also be something much smaller, such as buying your favorite cake and surprising you with it at home, or buying tickets to see the latest movie of your choice.

How can you tell if a guy likes you? Anything with a surprise effect works to show that he cares.

7. A guy cares for you if he wants to make Amends

What a wonderful thing for a man to do, if he knows how to make things right again and is capable of saying sorry! Not everyone can, so if he’s trying hard to make amends with you after an argument, it means that it’s important to him and that he doesn’t want to lose you. He respects your feelings and is able to look at both sides and see his own faults in it as well.

If he wouldn’t care, he wouldn’t bother trying to fix things between the two of you.

8. Signs he cares deeply about you … he asks for Your Opinion and Advice

Men are mostly private creatures, sometimes even secretive, so if he asks you for advice or your opinion, it shows that he’s letting his guard down. He wants to give you some influence over his decisions, which means he’s letting go of the full control that he’s had up until that point.

It’s a tremendous step for most men to ask for someone else’s advice, so you can be sure that he cares about you and your thoughts very much.

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9. Surprising Facts: What Men really don’t care about!

After having had a chance to figure out whether he really cares about you (I hope you came to conclude that the answer is you!), let’s have a closer look at a few items men supposedly really do NOT care about, all that much.

According to several representative polls, there are a few items women are very concerned about, yet men really do not care about, at all. You wondered ‘Does he Care about Me”? Well, here are a few aspects he definitely does not care about, so take those of your list to worry about:

  • Does he care about a perfect Look?

Women spend x-times over more time getting ready in the morning, putting make-up on, carefully selecting cloths, matching their belts and accessories with the color of their shoes, style their hair, well, you get the idea.

Men instead can get ready within 5 minutes time. And by getting ready, I mean taking a shower, being fully dressed, ready to leave the house for a meeting.

What is my point? The point is that men really do not take that close of a look when it comes to themselves or you being perfect. Sure, men do appreciate a woman’s effort to dress nicely and to e.g. put some makeup own. On top of that, if you wonder how to get a guy to notice you, definitely do not miss out on looking stellar, being dressed nicely and wearing good makeup! Contrary to a woman’s believe, however,  it does not always have to be perfect. Men are almost completely missing the eye for every detail that a woman is so concerned about.

That, of course, is good news for all women as it means that even on days where we may not feel all that perfectly styled, dressed, having that perfect hair and the perfect make-up, men will be totally not focused on these “shortcomings”, at all!

So take a deep breath – and keep on enjoying the day, instead of worrying how much your guy may pay attention to this “issue” of you feeling imperfect for a day.

  • Does he care about me, despite my “extra Pounds”?

For some of us, the only logical, very first thing to do in the morning is to consult our bathroom scale and check to see if last night’s dinner or drinks with the girls may have negatively affected our weight. And by so checking our weight, you know it, we are talking potentially fractions of a pound.

After realization that we have not lost as much as we had planned for by the end of the week, month, etc., or, even worse, after realizing that we may have gained an entire pound or two over the course of last week, our day is pretty much done before it even started.

While we still have to figure out how we feel about this situation, personally, you can rest assured that men are not concerned about us gaining a few pounds, at all. Most of the time they do not reflect on our weight at all, studies show.

That is not because they do not want us to look pretty, but simply because they tend not to over-exaggerate these points as much as us women do sometimes.

So keep that in mind in case you’re still wondering “Does he care about me”! It is one thing for you to worry about these items, but rest assured, your man will love you even more when you do have and also sometimes show your imperfections!

So where do you start?

How do you get a man to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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