Signs Your Husband doesn’t Love You anymore – These secrets Signs tell the Truth!

Signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore

No woman wants to face the truth when it comes to her marriage and its potential to fall apart. However, sometimes we have to acknowledge toxic behavior coming from our partner, and realize that we might not get that happy ending we always wanted, at least not with this particular person. If you think he’s no longer in love with you, look out for these signs: 1) He forgets about you 2)He doesn’t like being home 3) He’s having an affair 4) Lack of physical contact and affection 5) He engages in unnecessary arguments 6) He doesn’t communicate with you. If most of them apply to your husband, it’s time for an honest conversation about where you stand as a couple.

  • He forgets about you

If he does that, it’s a red flag. It’s not a good thing if he forgets anniversaries, birthdays, or to contact you when he decides to stay out longer than planned. He should be aware of your presence and that you might worry about him, so if you mean anything to him, he would remember something so important. Paying no attention and not caring about you is one sure sign that he doesn’t love you anymore.

  • He doesn’t like being at home

If he would rather be anywhere but home, then you know something is wrong. If you love someone, you want to spend time with that person and are looking forward of coming home. If he doesn’t, then he has started to lose interest. If you notice him coming home late a lot or sometimes not at all, then it’s obvious. Does he spend his days off at home, or makes plans with you? If he keeps finding excuses and cancels plans you made together, his feelings have changed and you have to address it as soon as possible.

  • He’s having an affair

Are you suspicious of his whereabouts and have strong evidence that he’s cheating? A man who still loves his wife wouldn’t get heavily involved with another woman. It’s one thing to have a one night stand (not great either, by the way) but another to start an affair. An affair consists of regular meet-ups, good time-management, and a strong liking for the other person. Otherwise you wouldn’t start an affair! In the worst case scenario, affairs sometimes lead to new relationships, and as a by-product, divorce becomes inevitable.


  • Lack of physical contact and affection

Does he still hold your hand, stroke your hair, or kiss you good night? These are essential things a husband should do, even after many years of being together. If he doesn’t show you any kind of affection, and even tries to get out of sex, it’s a strong indicator for his lack of interest.  Sexual interactions are only one component of a healthy relationship, but an important one, which no husband refuses, unless he has an affair/doesn’t love you anymore, or often both!

  • He engages in unnecessary arguments

Having disagreements or fights is normal, at least to a certain extent. If everything goes well, you both feel guilty afterwards and make up, and so circle goes on and on. Nothing unusual in that behavior, however, it becomes a problem if he stirs the pot all the time for no good reason! If he constantly argues with you and holds grudges, then it could be worse than you thought. If he blames you all the time and never apologizes, it’s another strong sign.

  • No more compliments

Surely there was a time when he told you how great you looked, or how amazing your eyes were glistening against the sunshine! Remember that?  If he doesn’t compliment you anymore, or only has negative comments to make to you/about you, then he has already moved on. It’s brutal, but that simple. When you love a person, you are kind to them and give them the right amount of compliments!

  • He doesn’t communicate with you

If he stopped talking to you and trying to solve issues, then he’s getting ready to be single. No husband in their right mind would do that to their wife, unless there’s no real love left. The relationship is doomed without proper conversations, date night exchanges, and talking through your problems. Only with that there is a chance of fixing it. If he’s willing to go to couple’s therapy, great! But if he gives up beforehand, and doesn’t even try to save your marriage, then he doesn’t love you anymore. He wants out and that’s his way of letting you know.


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