14 TOP Signs Your Husband doesn’t Love You anymore

The Secret Signs Your Husband doesn’t love You anymore!

  • Do you sometimes feel he does not really care for you anymore? You could almost “disappear” – and he wouldn’t even notice?
  • Does he even avoid saying “I love you” or “I’m in love with you”?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to know FOR SURE if he is still In LOVE WITH YOU, instead of constantly guessing whether he is still in love with you like in the beginning of your relationship?


Sounds familiar?

It takes a lot of energy and effort to maintain a relationship; something in which both parties involved have to do their fair share in order to make it work.

No matter what the circumstances are, seeing your partner distancing himself from you and realizing that there might be already some signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore is painful and saddening. But how do you actually know if that is really the case?


Here is the good News:

It turns out you can INSTANTLY CHECK and really find out for sure if he is still in love with you by checking these clear signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore (psychologically PROVEN)!

I have listed signs that will indicate his lack of love for you, and enable you to see the real reason behind his odd behavior.

No woman wants to face the truth when it comes to her marriage and its potential to fall apart.

However, sometimes we have to acknowledge toxic behavior coming from our partner, and realize that we might not get that happy ending we always wanted, at least not with this particular person.

If you think he’s no longer in love with you, look out for the following signs!

So here we go:

      1. He travels alone

      2. A fast Way to find out He’s not in Love any longer: He doesn’t introduce You to new People

        doesn’t introduce You to new People

      3. He doesn’t ask for Your Opinion anymore (47% of Men do this)

      4. A definite Sign, He’s not in Love anymore: He stopped asking You Questions

      5. He no longer talks about private Matters

      6. Nothing You do seems to make Him happy

      7. He engages in heavy Flirting by Phone

      8. One of the top Signs your Husband doesn’t love You anymore – He forgets about You

      9. He doesn’t like being at Home

      10. He’s having an Affair (this might be a 100% Sign, He’s not in Love anymore)

      11. Lack of physical Contact and Affection

      12. He engages in unnecessary Arguments

      13. No more Compliments

      14. He doesn’t communicate with You


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1. He travels alone

Couples that travel together, stay together…Unfortunately that is a true statement, and it’s never a good sign if he decides to take trips by himself or with his guy friends all the time, but hesitates to plan a vacation with you.

Traveling is a bonding experience for most couples and shouldn’t be discarded as superfluous.

It’s easy: If he travels alone, and does this often, then something is wrong. It means he doesn’t like coming home anymore, and uses any excuse he can get, even if it’s of professional nature.


2. A fast Way to find out He’s not in Love any longer: He doesn’t introduce You to new People

Most men proudly introduce their wife to new colleagues, friends, or distant acquaintances, but it’s a red flag if you haven’t met anyone new in his life in quite some time.

This might mean that his feelings aren’t strong enough anymore to introduce you as his sweetheart, and so he tries to find ways to get out of it.

The truth is:

If he talks about certain people, but makes no move to introduce them to you by making plans, you have to ask yourself why. It can definitely be one of the earliest signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore.

It’s easy: Learn from his friends what’s going on in his life, set up a get-together, and see how he will react. If he hates the idea, then he maybe doesn’t want to be seen as a couple, and prepares for a future single life


3. He doesn’t ask for Your Opinion anymore (47% of Men do this)

It’s common for most husbands to ask for their wife’s advice or suggestion, and usually any given help is greatly appreciated.

However, if he no longer does that, and simply makes his own decisions at all times, without even talking to you about it first, then he might be trying to become more independent, and readying himself to live on his own.

I can’t emphasize this enough:

This is actually one of the strongest signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore. Men like to have someone give them support and guidance, so it’s o.k. to be suspicious if he starts taking all of it into his hands.

It’s easy: Does he make big decisions on his own, without your consultation? It’s time to have that talk with him.


4. A definite Sign, He’s not in Love anymore: He stopped asking You Questions

One way of keeping a person feel loved and cared for is by asking them questions, and not taking their presence for granted.

It shows that the other person is still interested and intrigued, and that there’s more to discover. If he has entirely given up on that mission, then you got to wonder why he no longer wants to know anything about you.

It’s a heart-wrenching eye-opener, but it does indicate a lack of feelings.

It’s easy: Notice if he asks you anything personal (besides “where is the salt?”!), and check if it’s an ongoing situation. Also try to figure out when this change happened, and if there was a potential culprit.


5. He no longer talks about private Matters

Is he keeping secrets from you, and avoids personal discussions? If he does, then it could be that he no longer feels comfortable and at ease sharing things with you; things, that you normally only share with the person you love.

If the love is gone, then he might prefer keeping things to himself.

It’s easy: Confront him about a personal matter and ask him questions. If he refuses to go into the details and to tell you everything there is to know, then he clearly doesn’t see you as his most trustworthy person anymore.


6. Nothing You do seems to make Him happy

This is one of those signs where it’s obvious that, no matter what you do or say, you just can’t please him anymore, and give him the happiness he wants.

You could have the best birthday gift for him, cook the most amazing meals, or even provide him with the greatest sex throughout the week, but if he doesn’t love you anymore, he’ll still be distant, vague about his feelings, and look unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong, it might give him a short-lived happiness, but it won’t last for very long, and you’ll see him change back.

It’s easy: If he doesn’t respond to your efforts and thoughtful touches, then it’s no longer up to you to solve the situation. You’ve tried your best and now it’s up to him to tell you his about true feelings.


7. He engages in heavy Flirting by Phone

Does he constantly play with his phone, but not with you?

Does he keep it away from you, hidden, and texts messages to God-knows-who late at night?

Look, I won’t kid you, but the truth is…

He’s probably playing out the field by flirting with women online, either through dating apps or chat-rooms that are geared towards married men (which are, unfortunately, plentiful)!

Basically this means that he’s looking at who else is out there and what type of woman he would want to be with after his marriage ends.

Men know that cheating, even if it’s through the internet and by only using his words, can cause long-term damage in a relationship.

If he’s willing to take that risk, he must be losing his love for you, sadly.

It’s easy: Ask him for his phone to “check something” you can’t do on your own phone. Even better: Take it when he’s not in the room (if he ever leaves it unattended!), and see what you can find.


8. One of the top Signs your Husband doesn’t love You anymore – He forgets about You

If he does that, it’s a red flag.

It’s not a good thing if he forgets anniversaries, birthdays, or to contact you when he decides to stay out longer than planned.

He should be aware of your presence and that you might worry about him, so if you mean anything to him, he would remember something so important.

Paying no attention and not caring about you is one sure sign that he doesn’t love you anymore.

It’s easy: Make yourself aware whether is is reaching out to you (for example calling or texting you) during the day from work or when is is on the road.


9. He doesn’t like being at Home

If he would rather be anywhere but home, then you know something is wrong.

The truth is:

If you love someone, you want to spend time with that person and are looking forward of coming home.

If he doesn’t, then he has started to lose interest. If you notice him coming home late a lot or sometimes not at all, then it’s obvious. Does he spend his days off at home, or makes plans with you?

If he keeps finding excuses and cancels plans you made together, his feelings have changed and you have to address it as soon as possible.

It’s easy: Pay attention whether he continuously makes a push to get out of the house, instead of staying close to home, especially during the weekends or evenings.


10. He’s having an Affair (this might be a 100% Sign, He’s not in Love anymore)

Are you suspicious of his whereabouts and have strong evidence that he’s cheating?

A man who still loves his wife wouldn’t get heavily involved with another woman. It’s one thing to have a one night stand (not great either, by the way) but another to start an affair.

An affair consists of regular meet-ups, good time-management, and a strong liking for the other person.

Otherwise you wouldn’t start an affair!

In the worst case scenario, affairs sometimes lead to new relationships, and as a by-product, divorce becomes inevitable.

It’s easy: If you don’t know how to approach this topis, set some time aside and simply ask him if there is any other women in his life (other than his mom, of course) besides you that is of any importance to him. You will get a good feel by his reaction alone, whether ther is anything you should be concerned about.


11. Lack of physical Contact and Affection

Does he still hold your hand, stroke your hair, or kiss you good night?

These are essential things a husband should do, even after many years of being together. If he doesn’t show you any kind of affection, and even tries to get out of sex, it’s a strong indicator for his lack of interest.

Sexual interactions are only one component of a healthy relationship, but an important one, which no husband refuses, unless he has an affair/doesn’t love you anymore, or often both!

It’s easy: Check his level of interest for physical contact regularly, by reaching out to him, holding his hands, starting to be intimate to him. Your reaction will tell you how much he is still “into it”.


12. He engages in unnecessary Arguments

Having disagreements or fights is normal, at least to a certain extent.

If everything goes well, you both feel guilty afterwards and make up, and so circle goes on and on.

Nothing unusual in that behavior, however, it becomes a problem if he stirs the pot all the time for no good reason!

If he constantly argues with you and holds grudges, then it could be worse than you thought. If he blames you all the time and never apologizes, it’s another strong sign.

It’s easy: Keep track of the quarrels and little fights the both of yo uhave. Does he start most of them? Make sure to bee honest to yourself about it, in order to get the most accurate “record”.


13. No more Compliments

Surely there was a time when he told you how great you looked, or how amazing your eyes were glistening against the sunshine! Remember that?

If he doesn’t compliment you anymore, or only has negative comments to make to you/about you, then he has already moved on. It’s brutal, but that simple.

When you love a person, you are kind to them and give them the right amount of compliments!

It’s easy: Pay attention to him complimenting you. But, remember that it will be a lot easier for him to compliment you, if he in turn receives some kind, nice, loving words from you as well.


14. He doesn’t communicate with You

If he stopped talking to you and trying to solve issues, then he’s getting ready to be single.

No husband in their right mind would do that to their wife, unless there’s no real love left. The relationship is doomed without proper conversations, date night exchanges, and talking through your problems.

Only with that there is a chance of fixing it. If he’s willing to go to couple’s therapy, great!

But if he gives up beforehand, and doesn’t even try to save your marriage, then he doesn’t love you anymore. He wants out and that’s his way of letting you know.

It’s easy: Instead of asking yourself over and over “Does my husband still love me?”, strike up a good conversation instead, and see if he is ready to engage in it.

So where do You start ?

How do you get him to notice you instantly and make sure he sees the best in you?

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