How to Make Him Chase You After a Breakup

How to Make Him Chase You After a Breakup

When a couple breaks up due to some reasons, it is an emotionally painful phase for both. Often they cannot get over the emotional bonding with their partner and want him/her back in their life.

There are some simple ways of making a guy chase his woman even after a breakup, which may help in reuniting them. In this way, they can be saved from being hurt due to their relationship and start reliving a happy life together.

The following tips are for you if you are a woman who wants her ex-boyfriend or husband back into her life even after he has broken up with you :

Do not chase him – You should not chase your ex guy even if you badly want him back. On the contrary, you should elegantly move on in life without showing any desperation for him.

He should know that you do not care about him anymore and this breakup has not left you heartbroken at all. So you should refrain from making any move for earning back his affection, like calling him or messaging him frequently.

Then chances are that he will again feel interested in you and may even start chasing you again. 

Enjoy your life – You should not lead a boring life, hiding from all in a corner just because you have broken up with your partner. Rather, you need to boost up your social life, by meeting your friends and going out with them.

You can also travel on your own, wherever your heart desires. You may go to theatres to watch the latest movies or visit an exhibition nearby, whatever makes you feel really happy.

You need to post your photos on your social media pages, where you can be seen enjoying life to the fullest so that your ex can know that you are least affected by his absence in your life. That may hurt his pride and he may long to be with you again.

Refine your look – Every man wishes for the company of a gorgeous-looking woman. Your partner is surely well aware of your looks. So, you just need to brush up on your appearance, by visiting a beauty parlor for a manicure, pedicure, and special facial treatment. You may also get a new haircut that will make you look more beautiful and stylish.

You also need to visit a gym regularly, to maintain a fit body and also to make your physique more attractive. You can also indulge in buying some fashionable garments, shoes, and makeup items for yourself, which will render you a stunning look.

Act to be strong – You should not show your weakness before the world, as people may try to take undue advantage of you. So, you should not call or text your ex, which will give him the pleasure of knowing your weakness. Rather, you need not keep any contact with him at all once he has broken up with you.

Even if he calls or meets you, you should stay cool and try to cut short the conversation as quickly as possible, while speaking in a friendly manner. Your indifference towards him will rouse his interest in you, making him chase you again. 

Refuse to meet him – If your ex wants to meet you after officially breaking up with you, it is better to simply refuse him unless there is any valid reason for his request. This will make him realize that he cannot take you for granted.

As your ex-boyfriend or husband may not be used in hearing refusal from you, he will be surprised to hear it. As human nature is to strive for things that are hard to get, he will start chasing you only if he finds that you are not easily accessible for him. You need to show him that you are no more interested in him, which will make him chase you crazily again.

Boost your confidence – It is said that every man likes a confident woman. So, lift your self-confidence level, by grooming yourself both physically and mentally.

You need to concentrate on your present job or try to bag a better one, which will make you more confident about your abilities. You should feel confident of your overall personality, which is reflected in your appearance. Your ex is most likely to be charmed by it and probably start chasing you to start all over again.

Do not give in to his requests – As all humans are attracted to things that are out of their reach, you should stop all interactions with your ex. Thus, you should not express your true feelings for him, even if you still love him.

If you meet him accidentally, you just need to smile in a friendly manner as you do to all outsiders and then simply carry on with your own business. If he thinks that you still miss him, he may not be interested in chasing you at all. So, you should not show any reaction when he calls you or tries to contact you in other ways.

Stop speaking about your past relationship – You should not discuss your past relationship even with your close friends or siblings, as that will make you feel sad about that chapter. You need to act as if that chapter is totally closed for you.

When you decline any discussion about your past relationship with your common friends, be certain that your ex will come to know about it from them. He is bound to feel upset if he finds that you have no interest in your past relationship.

Let him feel jealous – You need to do just the opposite of what you feel or desire about your ex. So, you may just post a photo on social media sites in which you seem to enjoy with another man, even if you are not in a relationship with him. Your ex will start missing you and want to have you back in his life, seeing that you are not missing him at all.

However, if your ex is already hooked up with another partner, it is best to let him go and continue boldly with your own life. It will give you mental peace eventually and may pave way for your ex to return to you later.

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