9 Tips on How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

how to make your ex boyfriend want you back so bad

It is not going to be easy to make your ex-boyfriend want you back. But as they say, nothing is impossible. First, you must be determined; patience is also key, and try to solve your differences.

Break-ups are tough to deal with, especially when you are not ready to end things. There is always a reason behind any breakup. You might have an idea of what went wrong, or maybe you are still trying to figure it out.

After a breakup, you might not be properly going through a wide range of emotions, from sadness, loneliness, confusion, despair, and even a mix of many emotions at the same time. It is tough to handle such situations.

What can you do if you want him? Don’t tear yourself up; we got you covered. We have listed several steps to make your ex-lover want you back.

After a breakup, you should not do anything in a rush; even if you are weak emotionally, you have to take time to assess every move you make. 

If there is any chance that your relationship can be reignited, then there are a few steps you need to follow carefully. Whatever you just broke up with your ex or have been apart for something, here are some steps to win your ex and make you want you back.

  • Get some space.

After a breakup, the first thing you will do is keep a distance, no matter how close or intimate you were together. It might be challenging but trust me, this piece of advice makes a lot of sense.

Obviously, after a split, you will be angry, sad, devastated, confused, lost, and a mixture of many feelings all at once. To cool down, you need to take time, get space and spend time away from him.

  • Make yourself happy.

Before you think about reconnecting with your ex, make sure you can be happy alone. No person will heal your unhappiness and solve your problems. It is only you,  yourself, who can do it.

  • Have a quality “me ” time

After a breakup , it is always the perfect time for you to rediscover yourself. Know yourself outside that relationship. Find your interests, feelings, and passions.

Self-care is always essential; it will boost your confidence. Having self-worth, among other many things’s will prepare you to get back to him.

  • Find why you ended things

Some partners may be in darkness, why it ended. You might end up figuring yourself why it ended. Before you think of reconnecting, make sure you understand why it didn’t work at first.  Some issues can be fixed, while others will be challenging.

  • Get his attention

Avoid contacting your ex regularly. Give him space. He will for sure notice your absence and will miss you. If he has some feelings left, he will suddenly get back to you.

Don’t seem too interested, eager, or desperate. Act as if you don’t care. If you do hang out sometimes to catch up, leave him wanting more.

  • Make him jealous

Use close friends to make him jealous. Attend events he is attending with a cute friend who you will be chatting with all through.

Try using your social media platform to make him jealous by posting pictures from casual dates. He will be eager to have you back.

  • Avoid old mistakes

If you manage to have him back, it will be worthless to repeat the same mistakes. That is why it is always crucial to know what went wrong at first.

Be cautious and take action to prevent previous mistakes from happening again. Old habits might be difficult to die, but it will be worth it with determination and hard work.

Prioritize your relationship. Whatever your problems were, solve them and rekindle your relationship with better priorities.

  • Make contact

Contacting your ex after a breakup can be challenging. Never start communication with romantic messages. Also, never go begging your ex to get back to you. It is important to be subtle and positive with your message.

Remember to maintain a safe distance, don’t come on so strong, send texts when you see something that reminds you of him.

  • Forget the past

It is not healthy to always bring up past differences.  Do not ask what your ex was up to when you were not together .that is the past focus on your future.

Bottom line

The few tips mentioned are to help you when you are trying to figure out how to make your ex-lover want you back. Kindly remember that you cannot force your ex to have feelings that are no longer there.

However, in some failed relationships, there might be glimmers of hope. If there is some hope, it is not going to be easy. It needs time apart, self-reflection, self-care, and teamwork.

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