Why My Husband Do Not Compliment Me

Why My Husband Do Not Compliment Me

6 Reasons We Stop Complimenting Our Partners

Well, to all the ladies out there this is a common issue that has been discussed these days. Even some ladies do consult couple counseling to get out of the frustration and the pressure, lack of compliments can cause.

Husbands do love their wives in a way no other can but sometimes a little bit of lack of communication can cause devastating results. Man is of nature that loves after “seeing” while woman love after “hearing”.

Disruption arises when a man does not get to see what they need to see and a woman does not hear what they need to hear. While discussing the topic why do husband do not compliment wife, let’s just focus on ladies here?

A woman usually loves to hear sweet words from her significant other, but lack of communication can cause very severe effects on their relationship.

As far as the standards of modern civilization are concerned, women are mostly body-shamed; in short, this world is belligerent to women for not having a sexy body or imperfect skin color. There are many different reasons where we can say the world is more hostile towards ladies than men.

Hearing kind and comforting words from her husband can make her pretty both outside and inside. Let us discuss some of the probable reasons why your husband seems to never compliment you.

1) Maybe he is insecure:

He might be insecure or not confident at all. He is a person with low self-esteem. He might not be confident to tell you what he really feels about you. he might be afraid that his compliments can make you proud.

He might think that his compliment may let you feel that you are way too sexy, too beautiful, or not worthy of a person like him. at the end he might lose you.

And this might be his worst fear. People with low self-esteem are more insecure. Your partner, From the outside, might look like a highly confident and self-assured person but actually, he is not.

He is a person who has no confidence in himself besides he gets to grab a beautiful lady and had a chance to get into a marital relationship. He does not want to lose this chance and keep the crystal he has now. This is one of the main reasons why a husband never compliments his wife.

2) He might not compliment at all:

Look into his nature, the insights, what sort of nature he keeps. Does he compliment others but not you. Does he pay heed to other girls or his co-workers etc. observe and utter some words? If not, then calm down it is in his nature he might not find it suitable to compliment at all.

Just because he does not want to hurt you or speak something that you might not like, as compliments can be positive and negative as well. Although we are just focusing on positive compliments here some compliments are rather harsh but for our own betterment.

Furthermore, he might not find it suitable to comment on your body or how do you look. He might think you beautiful the way you are.

Or this can be a sign that he does not go for beauty or looks he is actually into your personality and love your insights. Rather than focusing on your body, he focuses on what you are and he loves you the way you are.

As a result, be positive and think that if he does not compliment you does not mean you are not worthy; he just does not like to speak for what you have. He is just satisfied with what you are and who you are.

3) Lack of positive reinforcement:

Positive reinforcement plays a big role in this compliment game. Where most of the guys stop complimenting due to the lack of positive reinforcement or response.

For example, you did something little that might be your casual routine and he compliments over it. Let us assume he is back from work and you were making your coffee and share some of your coffee with him as well.

And he says “this is such a nice coffee”. Normally this isn’t something to be exaggerated and but it is a sort of compliment. This is your chance to smile as bright as the sun and let him feel that his sentence made your day.

Let him feel that you are happy over his little compliment. Ultimately he will realize that this makes you happy. He will look for more to make you happy.

Wait a moment and think what just happened here? You put a spark in him that his little compliments make you happier and he loves you to see you smile, as a result, he will compliment you more and more.

This is an initiative, you might be thinking that this is not the type of compliment you want to hear but be patient my dear’ and wait for the spark to ignite and you will be presented by oodles of compliments.

5) Just because you don’t hear, doesn’t mean you are not the apple of his eyes:

Hey there beautiful: you did not need to worry if your husband does not say anything good to you. Do not worry if he does not compliment. And most importantly do not think that if he does not say anything he is not into you.

Try to look for the other ways he might find it difficult to say but go for different means to make you feel special, search for his actions in which he tells indirectly that how special you are to him and he cannot live without you.

Everybody has different nature some express their love and some do not. Stop worrying about little things. Some people use love signs or different love languages that everyone cannot understand.

Try to look into his signs and love gestures. Even if you are insecure and really really want to hear his compliments then dress up something that he likes you to be in, put on makeup- the way he likes, and go in front of him and ask that “how do look” do I look pretty” in a way that he likes that sound, the body language that will make him yearn for you.

Be little playful, in a secretive way do not let him feel that you are in search of hidden treasure or something.

Why My Husband Do Not Compliment Me

6) Receive Graciously:

Receptivity is the essence of femininity. Try to be positively received as much as you can. Whenever he compliments do not go for details like “it is not the way you think or this is how I perceive myself etc.” rather smile brightly and say “Thank you”.

And let him know that you love to hear from him. This will make his heart ponder and he will compliment more. In the modern society where modern can be replaced by critics and seems to be more suitable for this advanced era, it is much more difficult to find positivity.

But “like dissolve like” utter positivity it will come back in unexpected ways. The same is true for your partner let him fly in the positive vibes coming within you and enjoy his vibes that are more and more powerful and will make you feel more special.

Last but not the least, love isn’t something to be expressed it is something to be felt and let your significant another feel. Try to be thankful (as much as you can) for what you have.

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