When He Chooses Someone Else Over You

When He Chooses Someone Else Over You

Things You Should Do When He Chooses Someone Else Over You!

Love is a beautiful feeling to feel, but it also eradicates you. It makes you travel on a path that you would not have otherwise at any cost. Every then and now, you watch stories and movies that talk about love and how everything goes pinky and rosy eventually.

But, sadly, this is not the thing when it comes to real life. Everything does not go smoothly in real life. That is why today we are up with this post, and we are going to discuss a sensitive topic which is how you feel when he chooses someone else over you.

What happens when the love of your life deceives you. What happens when all the promises fall apart, and you break into pieces.

So, let’s begin. It is advisable to be patient while reading this post and be patient and read it with an open mind to grasp the concept completely:

When he chooses someone else Over you

It is heartbreaking to accept that the love of your life has chosen someone else over you. It is pretty hard to bring acceptance for this fact.

You tend to lose your mind and begin to die from inside. The saddest part of all this scene is that there is nothing you can do about it. All the love and happiness has taken a back seat, and now you are in no man’s land. It is pretty hard to take.

In these challenging times, there is only one thing that you should remember: that you came to this earth alone, and you will live this independently. You had a life before that person came into your life, and you also have life afterward.

Now the thing here to note is whether the life after he has gone will be beautiful and worth it or not shall entirely depend on your action and outlook towards life.

Life is what you make out of it, and it is simply on you to make the most of it. It also gives you ample opportunities. It’s just that you should have the eye to see it and do the best out of it.

The moment you take all the world’s sufferings inside you, they no more get prolonged suffering. The coronary heart right now transforms the energy.

The coronary heart is a reworking force: drink in misery, and it’s miles converted into blissfulness after which pour it out.

Once you’ve discovered that your coronary heart can try this magic, this miracle, you would really like to do it once more and once more. Try it. It is one of the most sensible strategies, and it brings instant results. Do it today, and see.

When he chooses someone else over you, then there is something quite natural to happen, and that is you stop trusting yourself and others too.

And, this is the thing that you need to stop. The one you used to love anything has deceived you because he was afraid to get loved by a fierce woman like you.

Women who poured her all heart for him, so it is not your fault. So, stop destroying your beautiful inner qualities. It is so lovely which you begin trusting an increasing number of humans due to the fact the greater you agree with, the greater your calmness deepens; your coolness is going deeper and deeper to the very middle of your being.

And the greater you agree with, the greater you bounce high. A guy who can agree with will ultimately realize the common sense of agree with. And then, one day, he’s certain to attempt to depend on the unknown.

There is one more important thing that you need to know. When the love of your life chooses someone else over you, you tend to become demotivated and sad.

You tend to feel that you are the one who was not good enough, and sadness becomes a part of your life, and you start to lose your identity.

When He Chooses Someone Else Over You

It would be best if you remembered you but remember getting deceived has nothing to do with your identity. The action of your love describes his identity and his character. And, that is why you do not at all need to be sad.

In these times, the most fundamental thing to be remembered is that life is dialectical. It exists through duality, and it is a rhythm between opposites.

You cannot be happy forever. Otherwise, happiness will lose all meaning. You cannot be in harmony forever. Otherwise, you will become unaware of the balance.

Peace has to be followed by discord repeatedly, and happiness has to be followed by unhappiness. Every pleasure has its pain, and every pain has its charm.

When the love of your life chooses someone else over you, accept the fact that he has said no to you. Not because you are not worthy, but you people do not sync together, and there is no harm in it. Be in Harmony.

It is quite hard for human beings to be in harmony because of consciousness. Consciousness gives freedom, freedom gives you the capacity to say no, and there is more possibility to say no than to say yes. And without yes, there is no harmony. Yes, there is harmony.

But it takes time to grow up, mature, and come to such a maturity where you can say yes and yet remain free, where you can say yes and yet remain unique, where you can say yes and yet not become a slave.

Wrapping it up

Now that we have an end, we hope that this post might help you a bit to combat your agony. Try to read this post with an open heart and always remember you are worth beyond a thousand reasons why!

The other thing is don’t let somebody else’s action define your worth. You are a star, and you are worthy of everything.

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