What To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Want You Sexually

What To Do When Your Husband Doesn't Want You Sexually

8 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Want Sex Anymore

The urge to have sex with your partner is a complex phenomenon. There are so many factors that have a direct impact on one’s desire for physical intimacy.

Every partnership does experience a “desire discrepancy” since no brace wants precisely an equal amount of sex.

Sometimes, one’s sexual desires may seem to fall off totally. Society is stereotypical in a sense. It feels this only happens for females. Men can as well struggle with sexual desires.

As a lady, if you ever feel like your partner does not feel like having sex with you, below are some of the issues they might be dealing with and what needs to be done.

Reasons Why Your Man Is Not Interested In Physical Intimacy

  1. Current relationship Wrangles

If, as a couple, you have other issues that you are dealing with in your marriage, it will be highlighted in your bedroom. If there are conflicts, power struggles, resentments, or even tension, your man might not be interested in having sex with you.

Even though some men might still want to have sex with all the issues in place, a majority of people tend to avoid it. They go to an extent to withhold it for a while due to frustrations that may lead to anger.

  1. Increased Stress

Life can get complicated and complex. Having to have sex becomes more of a struggle that one has to deal with. Men, just like ladies, can be caught between a rock and a hard place while trying to let go of everything in their life and getting their mood back.

For a majority of people, letting go of what worries and stresses them can work out. That can help them get back their sexual desires.

  1. Health issues.

Diseases, one’s overall health, and the type of medications one uses can impact one’s desire to have sex. Some health conditions like diabetes and heart diseases do affect one’s libido and desires for intimacy.

Other medications as well do make sexual desires fade away. Sexual responsiveness may shrink as well. If your partner feels sluggish and lousy in general, their energy for sex may not be sufficient.

Feeling good and how their body feels will result in them having a sexual drive.

  1. Natural Variations in sexual desires

While ladies often tend to feel unconstrained sexual desires (more expected in men), the facts are that the urge for sex can switch to a vigorous nature. This is especially when people do age together and as their attachment tightens with time.

It may mean that one does not feel like being in the mood or be thinking about sex too often. However, one can be interested if it all gets started, get the touch, and the time.

These reactive desires for sex require a starting point. An opportunity needs to emerge. But if someone waits to be in for the mood, it might not create the options in the process.

  1. Fear Or Anxiety About Performance

Men sometimes tend to be in an enormous burden to show performance. They have believed that they ate supposed to be perfect lovers, who are supposed to know how they can please their partners.

Men as well are supposed to know how to find and maintain an erection.

If any of the above is an issue for struggle, physical intimacy may tend to be stressful and risky in place for pleasure. It is prevalent for couples to have sex when it sets one to del as they have failed.

  1. Boredom

When people are in a relationship for a while, they usually tend to have a routine about having sex. Couples engage in things because they work efficiently and tend to get them from one point to another.

That as well can be boring sometimes. Everybody knows what they expect; hence there is no much intrigue left.

Have you tried combining that with a natural shift towards spontaneous reaction? Your man might not feel the worth of efforts of being sexual.

  1. Erotic interests

You might have erotic interests that might not seem to fit and match your partner’s desires or with what both of you have grown to know that is done in the bedroom.

There might be possibilities that men do admit and realize that they are gay. This is after spending many years in a marriage with a female partner.

It is even familiar that the men have interests in some other things that they do believe that you do not like or would not be open to.

  1. Other outlets.

There are possibilities that your man might be spending their sexual strengths in some other place. It might be with a different lady, masturbation, or an online escort service provider.

What It May Mean

Indeed, there is no definite answer as to why your man does not know what to have sex with you any longer. You must figure out which amongst the above reasons sound relevant to your relationship and are applicable.

The aptness may be thinking about the worst: “He is not delighted with me,” “He might be having infidelity issues,” or “he is seeing someone better than me.” Well.

Any of these might be true. There are explanations as well that are not so dire.

Intimacy challenges are a norm. We might not see these too often in the media. Many people do not like talking about the issues they are dealing with sexually. That is the reason why people do not realize how sexual struggles are so every day.

What To Do When Your Husband Doesn't Want You Sexually

Then there is that moment that seems too hard to have sex. With a reasonable chance, one can “fail.” People tend to avoid physical intimacy when they feel inadequate or feel like they are broken.

The actuality that your man is avoiding sex is very likely to be rooted in any of the above negative consequences.

It is common to believe that there is nothing that may re-energize a distressed sex life. A lot of people do worry about the lack of sex and its relations to a doomed relationship. They might think that they will face the rest of their life without physical intimacy.

As a couple, you can work dependently, so each of you understands what has been happening. You can as well build up a sex life that is fun and easy for both of you.


In life, plenty of factors do make sex unpleasant. Sexual difficulties can read to the creation of avoidance of sex.

Instead of jumping to a conclusion, you need to assume that your man may be struggling with some real issues, and both of you can work in harmony. It will help you to overcome the obstacles.

Challenges that arise in a bedroom can create an opportunity for you to be creative, move closer to your partner, and let go of the old ways you conceptualize issues.

You will find that the bond in your relationship is more robust. You will even realize that both of you can tackle any issue that may turn out your way.


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