How to Get a Man … find a good Man in 7 easy Steps!

how to get a man

The best Tips on How to Get a Man … a good Man, that is!

It is really not very easy for a woman to find a ‘decent’ man, neither is it easy for a man to find a ‘good’ woman. It is equally difficult for a woman to actually find some good tips on how to get a man while making sure she connects with the right person, with a ‘good’ to get a man

Isn’t it tiring to continually fall in love with men who hurt us and take us women for granted?

This article will give you tips on how to avoid such landmines.

We will show you how to catch a great guy who will love and appreciate you the way you deserve.

Here are Our TOP 7 Tried and True Tips on How to Find a Good Man for a Lasting Partnership:

  1. Be yourself around the man you are trying to attract

  2. Have your own fulfilling life

  3. Trust issues are the fastest way to lose a good man

  4. Relax, be cool and take things easy

  5. Ask yourself – why do I want a man in my life?

  6. You want to learn how to get a man? Then it’s time to quit playing games!

  7. Treat the man you intend to attract with respect

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1. Be Yourself Around the Man You are Trying to Attract

When you meet a man you are attracted to for the very first time, avoid putting on an act or any kind of facade. Although there is nothing wrong with trying to make a good impression, avoid taking it too far as this may in turn repel a man, simply because you may be trying too hard.

You want to attract a man because you are being authentic and real, otherwise they will be attracted to an act you are putting on, and not the ‘real you’.

The first time you meet a man who is attracted to you is your chance to show yourself in the best light – be genuine. Smile and be unique; avoid being too friendly and don’t flirt excessively.

2. Have Your Own Fulfilling Life

Dramatic or extremely clingy relationships can be the result of a woman desperately looking for a man to complete her.

Over time, many women tend to become obsessed by the question of how to get a man. Are you the same?

Even if you have low self-esteem because of failed past relationships, it is very important to work on rebuilding it. In the meantime, try to pursue your own goals. Stay focused and concentrate on your own goals instead of obsessing over how to get a man into your life.

When you have your own fulfilled life, you create the impression that you are a more complete person with your own independent dreams and goals, and all you need is a partner to love and accentuate what you already are as an individual.

Men love the feeling that their women have their own life, their “act” together. So if you want to learn how to get a man, you need to ensure that you have a complete life yourself.

What are indicators that you have a fulfilled life that a good man will admire?

A woman that is living her own, fulfilled life …

  • is capable of making sound decisions on her own
  • has her own friends and a life away from the relationship
  • has other personal goals aside from being in a relationship, such as climbing the career ladder or building their own business

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3. Trust Issues are the Fastest Way to Lose a Good Man

Trusting your man, even in the early stages of your relationship, shows that you have confidence in yourself and that you are trustworthy.

When a man shows you that he has feelings for you and he starts showing you some sort of commitment, avoid showing any major distrust, especially when the relationship is still new.

The first thing that will make a man run away is expressing a lack of trust in him. If you are intending to build a long-term relationship with a good man, you need to tell him when you feel like there is something to clarify. This will work better than spying and snooping on your partner, which will only make them lose trust in you.

When you communicate openly about your insecurities, you get to the bottom of any and all issues much faster. And equally importantly, you will not come across as ‘crazy’ or as being too possessive!

4. Relax, be Cool and Take Things Easy

The last thing any good man wants or needs is a moody, clingy and controlling woman. What men are looking for instead is a reasonable, sensible, fun and loving woman who is able to enjoy a great time with her partner.

Everyone has a lot going on in their own lives nowadays, so avoid being a ‘drama queen’ who transforms even the simplest situation into an opportunity for ‘drama’, to argue or fight. A man will lose interest very quickly if being with you is difficult rather than enjoyable for him.

Here are a few great ways to ensure your time with the man you want is relaxing and enjoyable:

  • Show concern and affection, for instance by giving him a back-massage after a rough day instead of consistently complaining about your own bad experiences during the day
  • Reciprocate any good gestures he may initiate
  • Create a comfortable environment that promotes open and sincere communication. When a man is comfortable around you it boosts the chances of making you not only his lover, but also his friend. Love and friendship are a perfect combination to attract and keep a good man around!

By the way, in case the person you are interested in is already a friend of yours, don’t be shy to make the first step in getting closer to him. Read this post here in case you are not sure how to ask a friend out.

5. Ask Yourself – Why do I Want a Man in My Life?

The last thing you want is to get a man for the wrong reasons. Do that and you will most likely end up attracting the wrong man, or treating a good guy the wrong way.

If you wonder how to find a man only because you need a man to fill a void or in order to not be lonely then you should first take some time with yourself. The best situation in life to find a good man is when your mental state is clear and relaxed. If you are looking for a good and healthy relationship, you need to look to find a man for the right reasons.

You wonder what some of these right intentions could be? Simple! They include:

  • Seeking companionship
  • Looking for a life partner
  • Looking for a friend who will be your confidant

6. You Want to Learn How to Get a Man? Then it’s Time to Quit Playing Games!

No man wants a woman who is playing head-games all the time. When a man realizes that you are playing head games, it is an indication that you are deceptive and likely to hurt him in the long run.

Playing head-games is the fastest way to make a good man run away. The most effective way of avoiding games is open and sincere communication.

7. Treat the Man You Intend to Attract with Respect

This is one of most important things a woman needs to follow when trying to understand how to get a man and keep him. The last thing any man wants is a woman who emasculates him, be it in private or in public.

Help the partner of your choice to feel good about himself! What many women don’t realize is that most men are just as insecure as they are. So, when you are in the presence of his family and friends, take the opportunity to brag about your man. Doing so will make him feel wanted and appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Don’t obsess over trying to figure out how to make a guy like you and how to get into a relationship. Don’t attempt to turn your life completely upside-down just because you cannot find a good man right away.

Be patient. Live a fulfilled life and also respect yourself – it is the only way you will find a great guy who, in turn, will love and respect you for what you are.

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