Does My Ex Want Me Back? TOP 5 Secret Signs he does!

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Does My Ex Want Me Back? Here Are 5 Signs to Look For

‘Does my ex want me back’ is a question that’s on millions of women’s minds around the world. You had a great relationship that somehow took a turn for the worse, but now you’re wondering if there’s hope to get back together.

You don’t want to appear clingy and put all of your faith in something that won’t work, but you’d be surprised how often men secretly wish they could have the relationship back.

So, does your ex want you back? There’s no one way to know for sure, but we’ve identified 5 key signs men exhibit that could bring you hope for the future.

    1. You Still Talk

    2. They Ask About Your Dating Life

    3. They Play the Jealous Card

    4. They Chat About Everyday Life

    5. They Ask You to “Meet for a Drink”

  1. You Still Talk

First and foremost, if you two are still on a speaking basis, there is a small chance he might want you back. While many relationships end badly, with both sides refusing to speak to one another, whenever people are still in communication with their ex, there is hope for the future.

Exactly how much hope depends on these next few signals.

  1. They Ask About Your Dating Life

They could be asking just out of curiosity but many times, asking about someone’s dating life is a surefire sign that they’re interested in maybe getting back together. Don’t take this tip at face value and play it cool until you have confirmation of these next few signs.

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  1. They Play the Jealous Card

If you notice that their social media profiles are full of pictures of them having fun or bragging about their dating life, this might be a call for attention from you.

Also, if they are interested in your dating life and even seem to show signs that they’re jealous of your new lover, they might wish that they were still yours.

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  1. They Chat About Everyday Life

If they’re still talking to you about everyday things such as problems at work or their family, there’s a good chance that they want you back. These are typical conversations that couples have—not strictly-casual friends.

Be careful here: don’t disclose all of your personal life to them if you aren’t really interested in them still. Let them do the talking and carefully listen.

  1. They Ask You to “Meet for a Drink”

You are still wondering ‘Does my ex want me back’? A typical sign that a man is romantically interested in a woman is to ask for a drink. It’s probably how you two got together in the first place! If he asks you this, play it cool.

It’s important to note that you aren’t forced to get back together with your ex in any case! Also, understand that you should only meet for a drink if you’re still interested in them.

Hopefully, these signals have been helpful for your situation. People break up and get back together all of the time, so there is a strong possibility you could be one of the lucky few.

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