Am I Ready for a Relationship? Instantly find out the Truth!

Timing is often the key to finding the right person and being able to commit to a relationship. People in their early 20’s often aren’t ready for a relationship, but when they hit their 30’s, oh boy, are they ready!

Not everyone goes through this transformation, of course, but many do. But how do you know when you’re really ready for it? Do you ask yourself “Am I ready for a relationship?” or you’re even really worried “I’m not ready for a relationship!”

Well, let’s find out! What signs do you have to look out for? Let’s start with the following list:

  1. Am I ready to be in a Relationship? Yes, if you don’t look around anymore!

  2. You’re happy being by Yourself

  3. Am I ready for a Relationship? Yes, if You appreciate the “inner Qualities”!

  4. You’re no longer being selfish

  5. You’re making Plans for the Future

  6. Understanding the Importance of Communication

With these in check, you’re off to a good start when entering a relationship at this stage in your life.

1. Am I ready to be in a Relationship? Yes, if you don’t look around anymore!

Remember the times when you thought someone better might come along and you’re missing out? Yes, those! If you no longer feel this way when being with someone, then you are as ready as it gets.

It means you’re ready to commit to one person only, and that is a huge factor in being ready for a serious relationship.

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2. You’re happy being by Yourself

The number one rule is to never enter a relationship for reasons that are wrong, such as not wanting to be alone or not feeling contempt with yourself.

The saying “you have to love yourself first before you can love others” is a true statement! When you’re able to be alone and still be happy and not needing someone by your side, just for the heck of it, then that’s a sign of readiness.

It’s important to be self-reliant and capable to be on your own before opening the door to let someone share that life with you.

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3. Am I ready for a Relationship? Yes, if You appreciate the “inner Qualities”!

Back in the days, you might have been looking for the best body, the best hair, or the bluest eyes on someone, but the more mature you get, the less these things will matter.

You will start looking for real qualities that are crucial for a relationship, and not just suitable for a fling. Don’t choose sparks over a stable relationship when committing long-term! Is the person trustworthy, honest and faithful? Is the person caring and ready to settle down too? Can this person make you laugh?

When you start caring about these things more than the physical features, you know you want to be in it for the long haul!

4. You’re no longer being selfish

Relationships are about compromising and including another person in your decision-making. If you’re OK with that arrangement and feel as if you can allow the other person in, then that’s great!

However, if you’re still being selfish and only concerned about your wants and needs, then you might want to rethink being in a relationship. Selfishness needs to go in order to have a healthy relationship with someone. Of course, you and your desires are important, but so are your partner’s! You have to be o.k. with finding a middle ground together when disagreements occur, instead of going off all alone.

5. You’re making Plans for the Future

The time has come to think about your grand future! Who would have thought? If you’re making plans, especially with another special person in mind, then you’re truly ready to commit.

When we’re ridiculously young, we usually don’t give our next few years and what might happen in the future, a second thought, but that can easily change over time. If it does, and you can see yourself settling down and planning vacations, baby-making, your retirement, all with one special person, then you’re relationship- ready!

Even if the plans don’t work out in the end, the main thing is that you were willing to think them through and come up with them in the first place.

6. Understanding the Importance of Communication

Communication is the most essential element in a functioning relationship. It’s never easy, and definitely takes some learning, but when you have mastered the lesson of being open and honest to each other, sharing intimate details about yourself, and always letting your partner know how you feel, then you’ve officially become a relationship-person.

Arguments and disagreements are unavoidable, but what sets you apart from the people who aren’t relationship-ready, is how you handle these situations with your partner.

Don’t yell or leave the room/house, and assume everything will work itself out. Talk about it and figure out what the underlying cause of it is, while remaining respectful and loving towards one another. Such behavior is key when later on working on being a good girlfriend to your partner.

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So where do you start?

How do you get a guy to love you the way you want to be loved and cherished?

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